Tuesday, October 10, 2006


After all the psychosis surrounding our kids' eating habits lately, I've been a little more, let's face it, self-conscious about the dinners I serve and so on. So last night, as we sat around the dinner table eating big plates of spaghetti florentine, I joked to #1 Son, "So, are you getting fed lately?" It was only half a joke, really, but he laughed. Today I had a lavish dinner including a glazed ham and baked potatoes with the works, on the table ready to eat by 5:30, which was when I expected The Man (TM) and the older kids to walk in the door from school. TM has to leave again by 6:30, so I try to serve the meals so as to have as much relaxation and "family" time as possible on our hurried days.

Well, by 6:00, when TM hadn't shown up, I had started to get worried and Punkin Boy had started to get really hungry. I decided to put the meat and potatoes on TM's plate and pour the milk, so he'd be all ready to eat when he walked in. A few minutes later, I gave in and served Punkin too. And then I seriously started praying. At 6:15, the garage door opened and our missing boys arrived, #1 Son sporting a splint on his right hand. Oh good. There was very little time for explanation, but I gathered that the finger that we had thought yesterday was only jammed actually has a fracture, and the missing time was spent in the urgent care clinic. TM got the X-rays on a CD-ROM, which was kind of a relief because at least we had evidence that it wasn't any worse.

I was already formulating an email to Hell when someone brought up the subject of dinner (yes, here it is, still somewhat warm, miraculously) and how someone still thinks they don't eat. And TM asked, "Did CPS stop by today?" Ummmm, no. Should they? Apparently, they said they might. When did they say this? Oh, when they were giving our kids the third degree in the vice principal's office today after receiving yet another call from "a concerned citizen." Saying things to our kids like, "Tell the truth; we know you're not getting any food at home." Dear heavens.

Dorothy has dealt with this crud before, so she knows how awful it can be. I'm glad I'm not the only one this stuff happens to. Fortunately, our kids know the difference between "We get food" and "We don't get food" and they stuck to their guns, according to their accounts. Geez. How do you fight this garbage? We've already shown a social worker the inside of our pantry. We've explained that we get our food for free from our church welfare system, wonderful thing that it is, and we will continue to do so until we get back on our feet financially. As amazing as it may sound, it's true. And having obtained as much food as we want (because yes, that's how it works), why would we refuse to feed it to our children? Only a lunatic could believe that.


Dorothy said...

It's nearing it's end hon. When this fishing expedition turns up no Loch Ness Monster, they will turn on "concerned citizen". I'd make sure the floors were cleared and the dishes put away though. Just in case they do show up. The fact that they didn't makes me wonder if after talking to the kids they just let it go.

I am mad as all get out that she has now dragged Pirate boy into her tyraids. I'd file a restraining order on her making her stay away from his school and your house since she has no qualms about using the other kids to suit her purposes, especially since she is exhibiting highly neurotic tendancies at the present time.

How did #1 hurt his finger?

Oh and by the way, she's a psychotic hose beast. **Hugs across the miles**

This is so NOT what they had in the brochure when you signed on as mom. It isn't fair and a million brands of not right. I ache for you and pray it will end soon. And you should be sainted for handling it with the grace you have thus far.

Scone said...

Thanks, sis. What I found an interesting indicator that she doesn't care much about any child was that she was too busy fighting with The Man over schedules to express any concern over #1 Son's finger being broken. (Turns out it wasn't really, but at the time, that's what they told us.) Dude, where are your priorities? She so totally is a psycho hose beast. And you're right, this isn't what I signed on for. But it's what I got.