Monday, October 02, 2006

Thank You Very Much

Science has now proven what many of us parents already knew to be true about kids and their viewing habits as related to academic performance. (And after all, that's where my priorities lie, not indulging their desires to vegetate, much as I sympathize.) Check out the story on

To recap:
  1. No TV on school nights.
  2. No TV in your room.
  3. No R-rated movies, period.

Cool. Thanks.


kailani said...

Hmmm . . . I'll admit that's a little difficult for me to follow.

Dorothy said...

We are really good at no TV in the room and no R-Rated anything. The TV at night thing isn't something that is terrible, but we could work on it definitely.

Jack said...

Video games, too, huh? NO TV or video games except for maybe on weekends? Huh.

I think you begin running into other consequences at some point. Like, no friends. Video games are often what my kids do with their friends - their social enabler, so to speak. Though maybe it makes sense. No TV, no video games, their friends won't come over anymore . . . what else is there to do but school work, right?

I think we'll continue to let them have their hour of TV/computer a day, monitor what they play and actively follow up on their school work. That seems to be working with our kids.

Scone said...

At one point in the article, one researcher said her kids get one hour of TV when they get home, then they have to do their homework. I think that could work for a lot of kids. The hard part is getting them to turn it off (especially the video games!!!!) once they've started. So, we just say "No goofing off until your schoolwork is done." In our case, that means #1 Son usually gets his homework done just before bedtime, and Pirate Boy gets an hour or so of computer game before dinner sometimes. I wouldn't give him even that much, but he's got straight A's so far.

Good to see a one-liner could spark such a good discussion.

Carmen said...

Wow. no TV at all on school nights? We watched every night as a family when I was a kid - after homework. I had straight A's. But I was a bit of an overachiever. :)

But I didn't see R rated movies unless I had a sleepover ;)

Slap-Happy said...

Everything on CNN true, you say? Fascinating.

Well, I can't say my grades were the best, but I was the only kid my age that knew napalm smelled like victory.

Scone said...

Are you saying I don't check my sources, hmm? I'll kick you. This list is probably more of a guideline, but better safe than sorry. Just think, your grades could have been as good as mine. ;-}