Friday, October 28, 2005

Go Figure

It just figures: Here I sign up for NaNoWriMo because I have nothing else to do in November than write a novel (and OK, I really wanted to do it). So what happens? First, our kids are out of school the first 3 days of November, so no afternoon respite while Punkin Boy takes his nap. Second, (wait for it...) I actually got offered some contract work for almost half the month of November. Which is great, don't get me wrong... In fact, it's fine. I do my best writing late at night anyway.

Now I just need to figure out how to balance all that and get the payments to fall in only one or two of the weeks in November so that I don't lose too much of my unemployment. (Y'know, for a gal who's opposed to the dole, I sure am taking to it well. Bother.)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

OK, so it's not just me...

Overheard in passing the other day:

"I always know winter is coming because my fingers start to crack and bleed."

Oh yeah. That's why they do that. It's been so long.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's a Fine Life

[Tried to post this Friday night, but Blogger was acting up.]

I received my first unemployment check yesterday. Today's groceries were courtesy of welfare. And I had a "post-midterm celebration" date with my husband tonight for virtually free (thanks, Kory!). So life on the streets isn't all that bad.

Meanwhile, it's #1 Son's 11th birthday and his "Mommy" managed not to completely stand him up this time. It's a step in the right direction. But he's gone all weekend, so we'll have to celebrate with him Monday. My folks are giving him a spankin' new Boy Scout uniform; someday he might appreciate the thought. Fortunately, he's got other grandparents.

The little punkins have had a great week learning and playing. The weather (which for quite a while was around 80) has turned cool and wet, finally, but it's still pleasant enough to get outside and have fun in. We spent some time discovering autumn things like leafstorms-- what a magical experience that was for a toddler!

Also, since the editing gigs aren't coming in quite yet, I signed up for NaNoWriMo and am now priming the word pump. I've been working on my murder mystery more diligently lately and (can you believe it?) started a new book (non-fiction this time, just for spice) this week. Wheeeee!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Running Down

I'm losing steam. Not sure whether it's an attitude thing, but I'm just not trying as hard as I was. (That ought to be a good thing, right?) I sit down to job hunt, and I end up checking blogs. I sit down to write on my book, and I end up job hunting. Neither of these has been particularly helpful.

I didn't even go to my writers group meeting this week. After missing the previous 2 months' meetings because of that stupid job, I ought to have been leaping into my car, but no... I was too tired. Well, I was, but that shouldn't have been an excuse. I love my writers group. I live for it. It's what kept me going so long... what is my problem?

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Again? Already?

Sheesh. Somehow I thought I'd been posting more often than this. Well, bother. And of course all the ideas I'd had for posts have gone right out of my head, so you'll have to wait for something intelligent. But for now:

The Status Report
  • I have not scheduled a followup mammogram. My mom (a breast-cancer survivor) said I should wait until I can afford it (i.e., get insurance). The referring N.P. also said it was nothing major, so I'm going to wait.
  • I spent most of last week playing phone tag with this person I was supposed to interview with. One day, her son broke his arm. One day, I had a migraine. Etcetera. One day I just played hooky.
  • I have had no emails or calls regarding jobs since Thursday. This could have something to do with the previous item.
  • The Man and I are thinking of incorporating. We'd really rather just write all day, every day, but somehow we try to make a living doing other things.
  • It has been raining for 2 days solid.
  • We're being stalked by Satan-- or at least his spawn. The Man tried to placate her by giving her a Webcam. Great, another way for her to stalk us.
  • We finally got the realtor to take down the "For Sale" sign in front of our house.
  • Pirate Boy loves to play chess and Risk, but can't get his little brother to follow the rules. This frustrates both of them no end.
  • My Punkin Boy will NOT sleep although he needs to (and so do I).
  • I like staying home with the kids and making cookies and zucchini bread. It's kinda fun.
  • With an attitude like that, I'll never get another job.
  • The only thing I miss about working is having an income.
  • Oh, and my laptop. I miss that, too.
  • Pirate Boy's alarm clock (which resides in the living room) went off at 2:00 this morning.
  • The Man had just gotten to bed at 1 something.
  • Did I mention I need a nap? I need a nap. My dear husband needs one worse. And he's wandering around in the freezing rain all day. Lucky, lucky man.

For a post when I didn't have anything to say, this has turned out pretty long. More later...

Monday, October 03, 2005

Spooky II, Electric Boogaloo

You know how the other day I was freaking out about scary stuff? Hmm, well, I'll be doing it again any second now.

1) I have a follow-up interview tomorrow (probably) with the high-falutin newsie people, but I secretly don't really want the job. I applied just on a whim, but I wrote a really good cover letter by accident, and I guess that worked. (Yes, I did keep a copy to modify and use later.) So I've got this weird dilemma going on now: Do I do my very best and risk being offered a job that might stress me out too much? (I couldn't refuse because that would void my unemployment benefits.) Or do I sabotage my chances so that I don't get the offer, which might actually be a really cool opportunity? Or do I just shut up, stop worrying about it, and realize that they probably won't offer me the job anyway?

2) Also tomorrow, I have to schedule a follow-up mammogram because the first one found, um, something they're not sure what it is. Probably nothing, sure. That's what they told my mom. What a good time not to have health insurance!

But on the positive side, I've got a couple more people interested in giving me editing work to do, which will be fun. Well, profitable anyway. I hear the
team has lost yet another editor (that makes 4 of us in the past 2 weeks alone). I'm sure it's my fault; shya. (Did I not mention that the PHB blamed me for everyone else resigning? I can't find that in any of my posts... Well, she did.)

And lest I forget how blessed I am, I will now shut down my second computer, go kiss my sleeping angels, and curl up in a nice warm bed where, with any luck, my darling husband will join me before morning.