Thursday, October 13, 2005

Running Down

I'm losing steam. Not sure whether it's an attitude thing, but I'm just not trying as hard as I was. (That ought to be a good thing, right?) I sit down to job hunt, and I end up checking blogs. I sit down to write on my book, and I end up job hunting. Neither of these has been particularly helpful.

I didn't even go to my writers group meeting this week. After missing the previous 2 months' meetings because of that stupid job, I ought to have been leaping into my car, but no... I was too tired. Well, I was, but that shouldn't have been an excuse. I love my writers group. I live for it. It's what kept me going so long... what is my problem?


Kory O said...

Scone, it's called "destressing". Ok, I call it that. But you know what I mean.

Look, you have been through hell with the old job. It is going to take some time to have everything settle down.

There are going to be times when you can't just go do something, even when you need to or want to. I know that sounds crazy, but be prepared for that.

Maybe you will make the next writer's group meeting. Or, maybe not for a while, or even....maybe not ever again. It may have served it's purpose and it's time to move on to another writer's group or time to go solo for a while. That doesn't invalidate what it was to you a few months ago at all.

It could be that your mind in its inelegant way is trying to make you give it a bit of a rest so that you can gear up for whatever new adventure is coming your way, which is why you are surfing the web, not "doing the things you should be doing", and all that boring adult crap that we beat ourselves up over.

If it makes you feel better, go ahead and surf, but set a time limit on it. You can do the "have dessert first" thing by setting a limit on goofing off and then being the responsible adult and doing what you have decided that you should accomplish today.

Scribble a few lines even if you can't make it to the writer's group for....whatever reason. You are a talented writer, so keep that up!

And most of not submit to the temptation of "private road construction". (Sorry, but the very idea of you getting all Bob the Builder gives me the giggles.)

I declare a jihad on Liquid Web and its infidel spam service! May bees pee upon them!

Dorothy said...

Completely agree with Kory, you need to allow yourself some guilt-free decompression. Write more about pit bulls and poisoned mice. But you do, as a responsible mommy, wife, adult need to set a limit. Don't eat the whole chocolate cake, just a slice(you decide where to cut,cuz hey- you're a grownup) a day and head for the brussel spouts. You will find you will get more into looking for a job when more people are knocking at your door because they have recognized your wonderful talent. It helps me get excited when other people get excited for me. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite "Luckeee".

May Liquid Web wake oup one morning covered in that orange jelly that surrounds the Spam that it is.

Scone said...

Thanks, ladies. You are a great cheerleading team. Or support group if you like. I've been doing a lot of very grownup things lately, apparently out of penance. The laundry and dishes are always done, the kids get tons of stories... today is supposed to be my writing day, so I'm logging off now. Really. :)

purpleelephant said...

It hasn't been that long and kory O is right it's 'destressing' and you obviously need to do it. I've been in a similar way since my exam. As for the writing I know it is a personal thing but if you are anything like me, if you force yourself to do something when you don't feel like it, it wont turn out right which will knock you down even more. Maybe you will get a sudden rush of inspiration in a week's time and you will write enough to cover these couple of weeks. It usually balances out in the end.