Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday Again? Already?

Sheesh. Somehow I thought I'd been posting more often than this. Well, bother. And of course all the ideas I'd had for posts have gone right out of my head, so you'll have to wait for something intelligent. But for now:

The Status Report
  • I have not scheduled a followup mammogram. My mom (a breast-cancer survivor) said I should wait until I can afford it (i.e., get insurance). The referring N.P. also said it was nothing major, so I'm going to wait.
  • I spent most of last week playing phone tag with this person I was supposed to interview with. One day, her son broke his arm. One day, I had a migraine. Etcetera. One day I just played hooky.
  • I have had no emails or calls regarding jobs since Thursday. This could have something to do with the previous item.
  • The Man and I are thinking of incorporating. We'd really rather just write all day, every day, but somehow we try to make a living doing other things.
  • It has been raining for 2 days solid.
  • We're being stalked by Satan-- or at least his spawn. The Man tried to placate her by giving her a Webcam. Great, another way for her to stalk us.
  • We finally got the realtor to take down the "For Sale" sign in front of our house.
  • Pirate Boy loves to play chess and Risk, but can't get his little brother to follow the rules. This frustrates both of them no end.
  • My Punkin Boy will NOT sleep although he needs to (and so do I).
  • I like staying home with the kids and making cookies and zucchini bread. It's kinda fun.
  • With an attitude like that, I'll never get another job.
  • The only thing I miss about working is having an income.
  • Oh, and my laptop. I miss that, too.
  • Pirate Boy's alarm clock (which resides in the living room) went off at 2:00 this morning.
  • The Man had just gotten to bed at 1 something.
  • Did I mention I need a nap? I need a nap. My dear husband needs one worse. And he's wandering around in the freezing rain all day. Lucky, lucky man.

For a post when I didn't have anything to say, this has turned out pretty long. More later...


Dorothy said...

I hope you get to have your follow-up interview. That will bring about the insurance,the follow-up mammogram, the income and all such until you and hubby do incorporate and write all day. As for placating spawn of Satan, it never has worked and will not work in the future, it just hands her more strings to make you hop around like little puppets trying to please her. Each little thing you give her will only be a little victory for her, and she will use same to completely make your life miserable. It completely amazes me that he still tries to be nice, when every time he has done so, she has hit him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. I completely agree with the cookies and zucchini bread philosophy. Life is way simpler.

Ivy said...

Been checking up on you guys. Glad to get an update. I agree with Sallwood. See if the webcam can be sabotaged - I mean, is this thing really in your house?

Re: mammograms. I think I mentioned before, that the incidence of benign lumps is really high in one's 40s, and the incidence of malignant ones actually less than 1% such that the AMA was wondering about scaling back the recommendations for mammos to start at 40 or so. It's never fun to spend money that you haven't got on medical tests that are 99% not going to make a difference.

Sorry about the lack of sleep.

Jessica said...

Hey, Scone - I've been a bad blogger friend lately...I'm glad to get an update on how you are.

Scone said...

Good to see you, Jessica-- and everyone else, too. It's nice to know someone cares. Don't ask me when I last checked everyone else's blogs; just don't. Right; what else do I have to do lately?