Saturday, September 10, 2005

Morale Has Not Improved; Beatings to Continue

This week has been... less than stellar at the Scone household. On Wednesday, I was worried about our boys being kicked out of their school. On Thursday, I was worried that the stress at work would snap my back again. On Friday, I was told that I am a bad influence who has bad judgement (a reference to some things that earlier I had been praised for) and a bad attitude (this I admit) and that the PHB can't stand to have me working for the company anymore. Also bad.

I'm thinking it's a personal problem on her end, but even if it is, there's very little I can do to keep my job. I have until COB Monday to figure out a plan that the management will accept. However, all the managers concerned will be out of the office/out of touch until Friday, so they couldn't approve my plan if they wanted to. Not a terribly encouraging sign that they want to work with me.

But there's another wave of people leaving the department this month; I don't understand why the PHB would insist on pushing anyone out at this point. We're already shortstaffed and struggling to train a handful of newbies as it is. Why do you suppose we're having such a high turnover lately? *sniff, sniff* I smell a scapegoat, and it's me.


Scone said...

I was wrong; I had until I walked in the door this morning. Things did not go well, but I managed to buy myself another week before I'm out on the street. Another week of food on the table-- practically a victory.

Kory O said...

Oh crap, Snooze! I don't know what I can do, but if there is anything, let me know and it will be done. I mean it.

Scone said...

Thanks, Kory. I'll let you know if I think of anything. (Got a spare laptop lying around?) The PHB's final touch on the scenario was the parting threat that if she even hears a whisper of a rumor that I have a negative attitude about this situation, I'll be fired on the spot. That's like beating a child to get him to stop crying. Cruel and stupid.

Dorothy said...

You aren't going to be denied unemployment because of alleged negativity. You might be denied if you stole from the company, or missed 2 week chunks of work every month for a year, signing the write-ups all along the way. File on their butts the minute you land in the car, IF it happens. I still think they are bluffing. If not, then fine, but they WILL have to pay this unless they can PROVE gross negligence, or criminal action. If you can prove you tried to make it work, you aren't gonna be denied. These people just plain suck! Sorry was that negative? How's this: They suck pond water through a pink straw. There, all nice.

I'm serious about the work comp stuff, see an attorney this week if you can, that way you can prove it isn't retaliation for firing. Most will take it on a contingency.

Kory O said...

Wow. That is one evil witch you got there.

My advice from what I learned almost 2 years ago? Accept the fact that it is a losing battle. Get as much of your outside life in order as you can, and then just leave. Seriously. Leave.

If you don't think you are going to get any unemployment anyway, why prolong the torture?

Maybe they will let you hang on for two weeks, and maybe they will tell you not to let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

But either way, you deprive that sadistic bitch of the enjoyment of firing you. You finally have a little bit of control in this twisted situation.

Plus, I always thought that saying you resigned looks better than saying you were fired. Maybe your field is different.

Scone said...

No, you're right, Kory. Resigning is a much better choice long-term. I'm just a chicken when it comes to my family being penniless and without medical care-- especially this week when we've had so many ear infections, tummy viruses, and other nasty things. On the other hand, without daycare, we might not have so many illnesses. Trying to stay positive, here.

Kory O said...

The penniless part, I dunno. Temp agencies for some quick cash (they pay off every week)? Go for one of the bigger ones like Kelly or Manpower. They usually have the most jobs available, and might even have a "professional" section that you would be eligible for (down here it's all for techies, but there are some agencies dedicated to temporary higher-level office personnel.)

I don't know what CO laws are on unemployment, but if you get canned in AZ "for cause", whatever it is, you get denied for months. There may be some wiggle room for claiming health issues up there in your state. Check at your local library for books on unemployment insurance.

But the health coverage could be taken care of in different ways:

1) COBRA from your old job (tends to be expensive). They have to offer it to you, even if they don't like you one damn bit. It's federal law, baby. You might be able to sort of finesse this if you work it right.

Case in point....when I left the PPD I told them I wanted it, and would pay them within 60 days, since it was an option for payment. Never did take them up on it. Just wanted it on standby in case I ended up in the hospital. All I would have had to do was write a check and I would have been covered if something bad happened. Kind of got two months' coverage for free that way. I figured that was the least those assholes owed me for the hell they put me through.

2) online temporary insurance (check out Some of the plans have high deductibles, yes...but what you need right now is stuff that will pay off in case of hospitalization/serious injury. It almost always will be cheaper than option #1)

3) find out what student coverage your sweetie is eligible for through his college. This may be the least expensive of all. They probably do have a family plan.

In the meantime, find out when your coverage would end if you left now, and arrange to get all the basic maintenance stuff like immunizations, prescription refills, etc. taken care of while your coverage lasts. If there is a "prescriptions by mail" thing where you can get three months of drugs filled at a discount, do it now.

Explain to your doctors what is going on and they almost always will be willing to work with you to make sure stuff will be covered, or may even be able to get lots of free samples of meds to cut back on your costs. My doctors did.

And if you are up for it, be sure to take a walk or two. Alone, with your sweetie, or one of the doesn't matter. It sounds stupid, but it helps. Whatever you do, don't stay stuck in the house. Trust me on this.

Take care of yourself. No excuses. You earned it, dammit!! ;)