Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And So It Goes...

Well, they fired me. I walked into my manager's office Friday morning for our scheduled meeting to discuss how I can better manage my workload, task printouts and written plan in hand, sat down-- and they fired me before I could open my mouth. "It's time for us to part ways. Here's your final check. Any questions?" Um, just one, really. Why the blankety-blank did you tell me you'd let me discuss this with my manager today if you were really just going to fire me, you lying scum? OK, strike the blankety-blank. No need to get vulgar.

I have to admit I felt pretty negative about that situation, though. I had to tell my husband "Happy birthday, honey; I lost my job," which was a totally lousy feeling for both of us. And I miss my laptop. Now we have to schedule time on one PC for both (well, all 5) of us. There's the lack of income, which is really going to hurt after the first of October. But the worst is the lack of healthcare, when all of us are sick and not getting better. That bites.

On the other hand, the beatings have stopped. And I no longer have to work till midnight every night. The stress of having a family to support and no income isn't (amazingly) as bad as the stress of trying to please the people I worked for. I can think of half a dozen reasons why they might have wanted me out, not the least of which is that they're crazy. But speculation will get me nowhere. So, what next? File for unemployment: check. Search diligently for jobs pretty much anywhere: check (ongoing). Follow up with contacts who might have work for me: in progress. Get some rest and try to get healthy: next on my agenda. After that, I plan to get some food into this house before I need to feed the kids again. Rinse. Repeat.

I want to say a HUGE thank you to my family and friends who have been super-supportive during this time when I'm really struggling to regain my confidence. Their love and friendship has meant the world to me and has just helped so much. I'm going to do my darnedest to live up to your faith in me. Thanks.


purpleelephant said...

Oh I'm so sorry they got in there first! I hope that at least you will have the chance to get your own health back on track!
Good luck with it all!
Rooting for you!

Dorothy said...

A nice long shower with a chorus of "Gonna Wash that Job Right Outta My Hair", and a good night's sleep will do you wonders. It is amazing how leaving a dreadful situation and taking a step into the unknown is actually less frightening than staying for perceived comfort(them sticking you with pins for pleasure and stretching you so thin you resemble Plastic Man).
I have every confidence that you will make this work. You've been through tougher.

Jack said...

You are an intelligent, talented woman. You'll get a new job. One where they appreciate you.

I read on your husband's blog that he's looking at a job with IBM? My dad works for them out of a home office and loves it.

Things'll pick up for you guys.

Jack said...

Hey, I assume you're looking for a new job in the same location, right? What field? Editing? Tech?

Kory O said...

Hey, I'll be joining you on the ol' unemployment line in a couple of weeks.

Hang in there, girl! You will find something better (at least less stressful.)

Scone said...

Thanks, all. Yes, editing in general is what I'd like to do. Tech is just where I ended up this time. I'm trying to stay in the same location, but that may not be possible. Checking all avenues.

lchan said...

Wow. Getting fired is never easy and to be blindsided that like is really tough.

It sounds like in the long run (or maybe even the short run) you'll be thankful for it, though. I sure hope so.