Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... That eerie wailing you hear isn't coming from the early Halloween kitsch at your local Wal-Mart; it's all me. This week has had some seriously unnerving spots. I'm still shaking from a job interview I had just now with one of the big names in the tech content world. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... They want a news editor to analyze and write about industry trends, manage reporters, .... (major shuddering fit) um, and so on. I think I'm a little nervous about the idea and not really confident in my ability to do the job. YAh.

OK, so changing the subject: I had my first mammogram this week, too. Aaaaaa! Sorry, it wasn't actually as terrible as all that. It's just a scary thing-- for me, anyway-- ever since those wonderful comediennes in the 90's did the standup routines about that particular physical torture. And there's always the fear of them finding cancer. Nevermind that it's much better to detect it early so that you have a better chance of survival; fear doesn't respond to rational arguments. The only way to get past fear is to do an end run around it and pretend you're really doing something else until you're already in the doctor's office where the fear of public humiliation will step up to help keep you from running out the door. Oy.

Anyway, it was just fine; the people were nice; they gave me cocoa and a pink carnation, even. I have no reason to keep screaming. Right? Cut that out. What? What is it? Iiiiiiiice cream... Oh! Ah.....


Jerydien said...

You got cocoa and a carnation? Sheesh! I feel ripped off!

I know how unnerving it can be - I had to go for one a few years ago for a problem I was having. To make things worse, even though they didn't find anything on it, they wanted to do an additional test anyway. Not fun.

Funny thing is, I didn't want to worry my mom by telling her I was having the test done. Less than a month later she was diagnosed with stage 3B inflamatory breast cancer.

Definately worth the unease to get checked out.

Ivy said...

I had my first mammo earlier this year and they DID find a lump. But the thing to remember is that 98% of the lumps that they find in women under 50 are benign. There was a huge debate last year about whether they should even recommend mammos for the under-50 crowd. They decided to opt for caution and more tests rather than worrying about scaring thousands of women yearly. Probably right decision.