Thursday, October 19, 2006

Everyone's a Critic

I happened across this travel article on today and was browsing through it 'cause boy, I need a vacation. It's all about beach resorts, and just looking at the pictures (instead of the snow on the ground outside) was very relaxing. As I reached the end of the "Pacific Coast" section, a comment caught my eye. It was about the Turtle Bay Resort (which was a Hilton when I spent my wedding night there). In the very first sentence, the writer says, "Turtle Bay Resort may underwhelm you as you enter the... uninspired grounds." I'm sorry, things may have changed since I was there last, but HUH? Take a look at the photos and see whether you're inspired or underwhelmed. I fully plan to be inspired as I go to bed now and reflect on the memories of eating guava cake for breakfast on the lanai with my sweetheart as I watched the waves break and felt the soft ocean breeze. I didn't pay any $900 a night, either. Who writes this stuff?


Jen said...

Wow, that place looks GORGEOUS! I'm so impressed, I can't believe they were so negative about it...

Thanks for your welcome :-)

Kory O said...

More than likely, it was written by someone who hasn't ever been there. I'm serious. In my brief stint as a travel writer, I came up with all kinds of stuff cribbed from other people's articles on the web (and heaven knows where they got their info from, either....)

Personally, I have no idea if what I wrote about Montreal and some other places even resembled reality, and neither did the people who commissioned it either. They just wanted some verbiage, and I got it for them. I tried to go to the source (the attractions' website, if they had one), but otherwise I just modified the dreck that was already out there.

My favorite example of all time: I got this copy of "Arizona for Dummies" at the local library. It was the latest edition, published in 2004 or 2005. I can't remember which. Anyway, the writer of the section on Phoenix positively glowed about Ed Debevic's. Said it was a must see, have to bring the kiddies, etc. Trust me, that would be damn difficult to do, considering that it closed its doors (very publically) in the 90's.

There was other "insider" info that was so out of date in there that made me laugh so hard I was at risk of wetting my pants.

Just FYI next time you pick up a guidebook.

And another FYI....if you ever read something about Florida's Space Coast that recommends Bizarro's Pizza, put that book down and find another one. Yeccchhh! Frozen pizza from the supermarket is better, I kid you not.

kailani said...

I agree that the Turtle Bay may not be what it once was but it's still a beautiful place to stay if you're trying to get away from Waikiki.