Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Why are people so crazy? I'd just really like to know. Like f'r'instance the board of our homeowners' ("community") association (also abbreviated Comm'y Ass.), which functions like the headquarters of the SS for our small, impoverished neighborhood-- putting the fear of Hitler into the masses. You get marginally comfortable for a while, then you get a summons (i.e., a threat) for a crime you're pretty sure you didn't commit and don't think is really a crime anyway.

We got one today. It says that we must restore our yard to lush green health in the next week or face a severe penalty. Sorry, could you repeat that? You want us to replace our grass in mid-October for why? And how do you propose we do this? Not your problem, I see. Gah!

And then there's the usual psycho up to her antics again. Dear heavens, I wish she'd get the natural consequences of her actions, just once. At the very least, being that stupid and/or crazy ought to be severely painful. She ought to feel like I do all the time. Gah.

[Updated about an hour later: I should give an example besides what The Man blogged about in that link, for those who don't feel like clicking. She calls up to yell at The Man because they haven't reached an agreement on changing visitation for this month or something. Any excuse really. Then she talks to #1 Son, who didn't do his homework this weekend because, well, she had to take him to a hockey game. And a football game. He came home sounding like Janis Joplin, with no homework done. So tonight she yells at him about it because gee, it wasn't her fault, scheduling his every waking hour of visitation with fun-fun-fun stuff because otherwise he might not like her or something. So she asks if he's done with his homework for tonight. He says no. He also says (looking for a way to distract her?) that his dad had threatened that he wouldn't get dinner if he didn't do his homework as soon as he got home tonight. Well, he did go straight in and do it, and he did get dinner. He got seconds. But Miss Thing springs to the conclusion that we're starving her baby! Haven't we been over this before? So the yelling continues. And so on.

Did I mention that it's because of this psycho person that we can't get out of this psycho "community"? Gah.]


Dorothy said...

The man needs to not converse on the phone to her. Everything needs to be in writing, printed out and saved in a notebook. She's preparing (baiting) for another battle. Give her nothing verbally. She can talk to #1 son, but then he hangs up and it's email only.

If she can't talk civilly, don't talk to her. Period. You are under no obligation to take the abuse. If she feels that way genuinely, she can put it in writing and be accountable for it.

Jack said...

Is this something TM enjoys, maybe just a little bit? I mean, telling Satan I threatened not to feed #1 son until his homework was done sounds like somthing I might say just for the pleasure of setting her off . . . whether or not it was true.

Jack said...

D'oh . . . guess not. I just read TM's post. Sounds like he's much nicer to her than I would be. Which is probably good.