Friday, October 13, 2006

All in the Family

Or maybe I should title this one "It's All About Me." As a spinoff of the trend of Googling oneself (and don't say you've never done it), I recently tried to "Wiki" myself-- that is, input my name into the Wikipedia search box to see what comes up. My name produces 17 hits, the first of which is Killer Klowns from Outer Space. (Second is Angie Dickinson, which is of course, not my name or anything like it. What the heck?)

This started because I discovered that my cousin has a Wikipedia entry. No, not Donovan, the cousin I usually brag about, but one I've been a lot closer to. Last I heard, Ryan was a ska promoter in Phoenix, but apparently he's moved up in the art scene in the past few years. It's his birthday this weekend and I was thinking of him, so I decided to finally dig up the New Times article his dad mentioned. Turns out he's got a much bigger Wiki entry than Donovan. Hmmm. On the other hand, Donovan's got an IMDB entry. Yes, there's some Wiki envy here.

You get the feeling I come from kind of an accomplished family. No joke. My little sisters form the backup group for a folk singer whose name is not on the tip of my tongue so I can't link to him. I'm not completely incompetent myself; the first Google hit you get when searching on my name is in fact a reference to me. As are 3 of the next 10 hits. Not too bad. Donovan became the host of a super-popular TV show at age 24. I really can't touch that. Then there's Ryan. In the last few years, he's become a punk/thrash frontman, a talk-show host, a comedian, a performance artist, and half a dozen other things. And just a few months ago, he put on a new suit, said goodbye to the scene, and headed off to be a missionary in Oregon. He was 19 years old.

Dudes. I am running so behind.


kailani said...

How interesting. I've Googled myself but never wiki'd.

Jack said...

Man . . . I don't know if I've seen Ryan since before his parents divorced. Was he even at Grandpa's funeral? Found & read the article . . . hm. Cool, I guess. My cousin is whacky. I mean, being loud in your face obnoxious is okay as long as it's "art", right? Though I don't think I'm personally "artsy" enough to appreciate it. Understand it, acknowledge it, maybe . . . but given a choice of Friday night activities, Ryan's shows wouldn't be my choice.

Hey, three Google results that are actually you? Right at the top of the search? Man, that is cool.

I don't have an entry until page six. I think you find forum links from my dad on pages twelve and thirteen, some more entries that might be my dad in the early fourties (or they could just be another church member with the same name living in the South Jordan area), but I don't show up again until page fifty-three. And the link to the article I wrote is broken! I scanned through 53 pages of Google results to find a broken link! *sigh*

Knowing I live in Wisconsin doesn't help. Joining my name with Manitowoc, though, puts me on one through three of the results. Of course, two and three are links to the local paper's opinion page that are no longer present. My son is result number five. How's that, huh? Only thirteen years old and Google finds him.

Jack said...

Oh, hey . . . I read your article on DBAs (result #1) some time back when you mentioned some of your writing. Only it looks like it needs a subscription now and I could swear I read the whole thing at the time. It was interesting. Well written, accurate. Made me want to try and move into the position where I work. Except that it would take some effort and I'm pretty satisfied as a code monkey.

Scone said...

Yeah, apparently Stuart and I were the only grandkids who didn't make it, and he was on his mission. (And don't think Grandma didn't try to make me feel guilty about that.)

I was punk before Ryan was born; it feels sort of old hat to me, but he seems to enjoy it. It did make me sad to see Doug and Crystal's breakup all over the paper, though. Especially when the stuff she accused him of wasn't true. (I may be biased on his side; her false accusations about me got me grounded "till Christmas" once in high school, and I've always thought she was a little crazy anyway.)

I'm sorry to hear about the broken link. And that my article is locked down again. I was using it as an example of my work, since most of the stuff I've written is still classified. Oh well.

Jack said...

Heh, "still classified" . . . you are so not running behind in any way.