Saturday, April 02, 2005

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...

The great thing about being on medical leave and receiving a reduced salary when the full amount isn't that much to begin with is...

...paying less than a dollar in federal taxes. Seventy-two cents, in fact.

I love that.

Now that we officially can't move, people are swarming all over, wanting to buy our house. My husband the optimist manages to herd them away by saying, "Well, we can't actually sell it until next year..."

As if. I can't get him to take it off the market, though. Maybe in a year.

Anyone got any hope to spare? I'm having a hard time working up the enthusiasm to go on like this.


Kory O said...

Ok, Snooze, shall I send some emergency chocolate your way? (Remember that 10 lb bar? ;) )

Scone said...

Thanks, but I think I've got enough chocolate. What I need is a second honeymoon, or at least someone to watch my kids for a few hours while hubby and I relax just a tad.

A new swimsuit would be good. No, it's not me that needs the help, honestly. I've got my degree, I've got a good career, I think I'm still in touch with reality. But he's saying things like "I'm going to homeschool the kids" without thinking about things like: When, if you're in school full-time yourself? And where's the money going to come from to pay for all this?

Well, that's another blog altogether. The one that won't get written.