Friday, April 29, 2005

Night Verse

Yes, it is dark in my head a lot of the time. It helps to get this stuff out occasionally.


I hear him walking,
Silently stalking.
My heart is knocking.

I crouch in my nest,
Holding my breath,
Waiting for death.

He knows I am here,
Senses my fear,
Grins ear to ear.

Enveloped by night,
I can't reach the light,
Too frozen with fright.

He has no remorse,
He's chosen his course,
He takes me by force.

However I shout,
He's never found out;
Somehow they can doubt.

So while all are sleeping,
He still comes a'creeping;
His secret they're keeping.

-Copyright 2002 S.Cone

And yes, I know that "nest" doesn't rhyme with "breath"; any ideas?


sallwood said...

It does help to purge from your system every once in a while. The physicality of writing alone is extremely therapeutic. It validates your feelings to see them in black and white (or green and black). I loved the format of this piece? The 3-line rhyme seemed symbolic for me. Was that intended?

sallwood said...

Intended period in place of question mark. I added the previous sentence after I had finished. Didn't delete the punct.

Scone said...

Thanks. I did choose the weird structure on purpose. It evokes to me the kind of slow, sneaking footsteps in the night that give me so many terrors still.