Monday, July 09, 2007

Nose to the Grindstone, Sorta

Lucky me, deadline falls right smack in the middle of Migraine Week. I did edited 40 articles one deadline day last month, though, so I'm sure I can do it again. Yeah, I'm sure I can. I don't even have to bake a cake this time.

What I'm working on recently: "How to Deal with Premenstrual Irritability" (also "How to Breed Peafowl" and "How to Grow a Beard"-- all from one author!); I learn so much with this job.

The little guys have been very very good today, which I totally need. #1 Son has been weird and mopey. (Teen years approaching, did I say?) A little more initiative and independence would serve him well.

The Man IM's me to say he's thinking of coming home early because of the heat, again. Can someone please tell me why anybody would stick their IT department in a building with no air conditioning? TM works on the second floor, and it's hovering around 100 degrees, again. Yack. Well, that'll be some help with the kids, maybe.


Renee said...

I'm just wondering how your author is such an authority on all those topics...kinda scary actually. But do share if any of the tips are good (or can you?) LOL!

I hope the migraines aren't too bad.

And that is weird to have an IT with no AC...very counter productive if you ask me. The computer I use at the Church is waiting for a replacement IBM fan (only IBM will do) and since no IBM fan can be found they have a small room fan set up and aimed at the computer. So I get to freeze at the computer while it stays cool. neet huh?

Jen said...

That stinks about the IT department having no A/C. Remember when you used to have to keep a roomful of computers super cold? I guess that doesn't matter any more?

"How to grow a beard?" Crap, I'm doing a fine job of that already and I didn't even need to read a book!