Thursday, July 26, 2007

By the Way

It's on my mind, although I haven't mentioned it: #1 Son is on his trip to China, or at least I presume so. (Miss Thing doesn't bother sending an email saying, "OK, we're leaving tomorrow" or anything. The only information we've got is what he told me after talking to her on the phone a couple weeks back. How any parent can be expected to live this way is beyond me.)

Now tell me, you parents out there (and even you non-parents with a bit of imagination): With the information that's been in the news lately, combined with the widespread pet sickness, would you feel comfortable about your kid traveling (and specifically eating) in China these days? Me neither.


Renee said...

I wouldn't be comfortable with my child traveling to China...but eating there would be no problem. She's a picky eater and I know the only place she'll agree to eat there is someplace she recognizes from home. I know they have KFC & McDonalds there (the food is shipped frozen from the US) so she would be safe.
I know you son will be okay...wondering if EO is really taking him there at all.

joeman335td said...

My first assumption was that they shipped all the garbage food here until I heard a report last week that they manufacture "hamburger buns" from recycled cardboard.


I agree with renee...I imagine he will be asking for McDonalds, since they are pretty well publicized...can't miss the Golden Arches.

Jen said...

That would make me uncomfortable, too. And it would be even worse dealing with someone who won't even update you. I'm sorry, I hope all is well and he is returned safely and SOON!

Koren said...

I wouldn't stress about his physical health. As long as they're up to date on their shots, and have gotten whatever immunizations are recommended for China (dunno what that could be....typhoid? cholera? spotted hangbelly fever?), he should do fine. Haven't seen a Chinese adoption site (and yes, we're considering that for Oransky miracle nomer dva) that recommended leaving older sibs at home because of health risks.

Now, his mental health being around La Psychotica.....that, I'd worry about.....and I can't believe that a reputable adoption agency would place a child in a house with a known abuser, either. WTF???

Will be hoping for the best for Son Number 1, and that little Chinese girl!