Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Get It Now

There surely was something suspicious about the sudden decision on The Evil One's part to whisk #1 Son away from us early even though she was supposed to work, and now I know what the motivation was. Harry Potter. Or rather, the persistent desire to have #1 Son think she's just the best, most fun person in the world. Still. I've been slammed for calling her a Disneyland mom, but what do you call it?


Renee said...

I don't think that you're at all wrong for calling her that. She is, but it's all she has.

I was watching a TV show where the mom who had custody was upset because the dad seemed to be the favored parent. Whenever it was Friday the kid was all excited to go to dad's house and as soon as he got back to the mom's he was wondering when it would be Friday again. Mom of course was very upset until the dad explained that he had to make it fun at his place because no matter how fun he made it at his place, the kid still called mom's HOME.

So yeah, Evil One is trying like crazy to make #1 love being with her...but no matter what she does, he'll call your house HOME.

Hang in there! #1 will always know that you & TM love him and did your best to provide for him.


Renee said...

PS. as the grown up kid survivor of a divorce, I heard the stories from both parents. I know that both parents messed up terribly but I know which parent tried harder to do what was best for me.

Sylvia said...

Renee...The New Adventures of Old Christine?

Julia Louis Dreyfus. Awesome.

And yes Scone, You are HOME.

Scone said...

I wish you guys were right, but he calls both places "home," despite everything. She works hard at it. Not just the "Disneyland" thing (which she's been doing for many years), but the faking of a family for him. (See how well that worked out with his "brother" the molester?) Now she's trying to buy him a sister. A Chinese sister, 12 years old. He's so thrilled he can't stand it.

Shadowsong said...

Hey, lady - sorry to clutter your blog comments, but I'd like to talk with you about something and can't find any of my contact info (the joys of switching computers).

Could you drop me a line at please?