Saturday, November 04, 2006

What Are Words For?

So, I'm coming to the end of the fourth day of Nano, and I'm only about halfway to where I should be by now. (OK, that's an improvement over where I was a couple days ago.) It's a real shame I can't throw the 600 or so words I've written in this distracting blog into my official wordcount. So that means I need to buckle even further down and get my brain in gear. Ouch. That hurts.

What are you guys up to this November?


Jessica said... November? I'm trying to survive college algebra, work full-time and still smile at my husband and teenager. I've been (mostly) successful. I'm tired, Scone. Ready for school to end.

kailani said...

November will be spent trying to finalize the baby's first birthday party. I feel like I'm planning another wedding!

Jen said...

I always think that NaNoWriMo sounds like a neat idea, but it's never the right time for me. Maybe next year.

I don't have anything really exciting going on, just the usual getting ready for Christmas, keeping the house clean, trying to educate the children stuff...

Scone said...

Jessica: You seem to handle the pressure so gracefully. I'm totally with you about school ending, too.

Kailani: A Hawaiian first-birthday extravaganza can look very much like a wedding, from what I can tell. I'm impressed at anyone who can get through the planning of both. Or either.

Jen: It's really hard this year. I want to quit. But I really like writing and I really hate quitting, so I'm still doing it even though I'm sucking. I'm doing nothing about Christmas, my house is a wreck, and I only play at educating the punkin, so I really have no excuse. Go you. :)