Wednesday, November 01, 2006

High in Education

Now I begin to understand why we (in the U.S.) fall so short on college graduates...your sanity or your education? And of course "involuntary withdrawals" is another one of those phrases that raises my hackles. Seriously, kicking people out of school because they have, say, a nervous breakdown? Who are these people and who left them in charge?

Which reminds me, I can almost see this scenario playing out in a "historically black college" with students claiming the new president wasn't "black enough" (almost), but it gives me the willies to think about. And let's not even approach the idea that the leader of, say, Bryn Mawr might not be "female enough" to suit the student body. Whose decision is this, anyway? And what happened to diversity?


Anonymous said...

Give me a break! An Amish Deaf School. Technology is bad and will ruin our identity as deaf people by destroying our deafdom?

And...and we should shun all those who are not naturally born deaf? We shouldn't reach out to all those who in varying degrees experience our world? Those with implants are not worthy to be educated?

Ignorance among the educated. What a sad state.

Ivy said...

Well, of course it could happen at a black college or at Bryn Mawr. There's nothing unlikely about that. I would hope that the faculty and board of directors would support a solid candidate that had a broad view of the institution and not cave to pressure.

Students are young. And the cultures at some schools inspire great love. Students get protective in the best way that they know how.