Saturday, November 11, 2006

Not a Casualty Yet

Still busily trying to catch up on my NaNo novel (see my sidebar for status) while playing the role of the college widow (is there such a term? maybe just engineering widow) and managing the house and the kids mostly by myself while The Man (TM) tries to pass his classes. Oy.

But in honor of Veterans' Day and all the veterans in my life, including TM and his dad and most of the cast of my novel, I give you selections from Tom Lehrer's brilliant and pertinent song

It Makes a Fellow Proud To Be a Soldier
After Johnny got through basic training, he
Was a soldier through and through when he was done.
Its effects were so well rooted,
That the next day he saluted
A Good Humor man, an usher, and a nun.
Our old mess sergeant's taste buds had been shot off in the war.
But his savory collations add to our esprit de corps.
To think of all the marvelous ways
They're using plastics nowadays.
It makes a fellow proud to be a soldier!
(Full lyrics and comical commentary by Lehrer here.)

Hey, I even have a medal around here somewhere I received for some old military service or another. I used to wear it as an earring. Nowadays it doesn't go with anything I own. At ease.


kailani said...

Great Veteran's Day tribute. The Veterans truly deserve our respect and gratitude!

Jack said...

I didn't know you received a medal. Cool. Are the medal and its story something you can share with us?

Scone said...

Yeah, I'd almost forgotten about it, myself. It was the civilian version of a super-extra great medal they give military types for doing super-extra great things in the service of their country. I may be able to tell you something like, "It was for valiant and valuable service during a time of international crisis." But I don't know. If I do, I might have to wound you a little. ;-)