Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Long and Winding Road

I really thought I was doing OK with our straitened situation lately. I've been learning to make a variety of good meals with the same limited supply of food and keep the kids from complaining. I've learned not to whine myself even when I don't have chocolate in the house. I kept most of my misery to myself when I was out of pain medication. I keep going even when there's no money in the bank, little food in the fridge, and a severe lack of energy in my body.

But apparently there's something here that I still need to learn. I must have sighed just a little when I went to the fridge yesterday and found there was only one gallon of milk left to last us until Friday lunchtime. I must have had the fleeting thought that it would be hard to make that little bit of milk stretch so long among so many growing boys. But I had already resolved cheerfully to make the best of it (honest) by the time I got the lid off and discovered that, despite its expiration date, it had already gone bad.

I didn't cry, but I know I sighed then. I have so far to go still.


Anonymous said...

We mixed up a batch of powdered milk last week, Sis. It really isn't that bad if you mix it up the night before(So the foamy nastiness settles) and add a tablespoon of sugar and a tsp. of vanilla per gallon. I might add that to the grocery list so you always have some backup, or something with which to stretch the real moo juice.

And you think to yourself "What more do I need to know, other than I am completely reliant on the Lord?".

Scone said...

Thanks, sweetie. I had totally forgotten that we had powdered milk. The kids would probably drink that-- at least use it on their cereal. As it was, The Man bought some more milk at the store last night, so we only had to go one meal without it. Our main reason for running short on milk is that we can only fit 5 gallons in our fridge (along with all the other food we get), and we used to drink 4 gallons a week.

You're right about that thought. I guess I'm not humble enough yet. Keep on swimming, keep on swimming.

kailani said...

I'm glad there was a solution. I give you so much credit. You seem like a very strong person.