Monday, August 14, 2006

For Better or For Worse, or Love Conquers All

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is my 8th wedding anniversary. Eight years of being married to my soul mate, literally the man of my dreams. Eight years that, despite the occasional (or more than occasional) trauma, have sped by like lightning. The most wonderful eight years of my life, in fact.

In those eight years, he's been with me through five years of college (his), four pregnancies (mine), three debilitating injuries, two career changes, and the death of one child. He's been with me in the emergency room and the Phantom of the Opera room, 3000 feet in the air and 30 feet under the sea, laughing so hard the tears ran down our faces and crying so hard that the tears ran out...

How do you thank someone for that? For being the perfect spouse? For loving you exactly the way you are, even when the way you are is ugly, angry, whiny, hopeless, helpless-- or unemployed in Greenland? And for all the while assuring you that you are in fact the most beautiful, lovable, wonderful human being they've ever met? In short, for being completely, certifiably crazy?

As long as he's crazy about me, I'm happy. And he is. And I am. And we are.

Happy Anniversary to the most wonderful husband in the world.


Dorothy said...

That's it. I'd call CPS on her when she has her next "family" incident. She wants to drag this into a war, so be it. You have way more ammo. She's Scut Farcas. Kick her butt. Or send her a loaf of banana bread so that she knows you know it was her.

Dorothy said...

Sorry, meant to post that one the earlier post. Happy anniversary. Lots of cheeriness. May you break her nose and make her cry.

His Worship said...

How wonderful it is that you have that anchor in these rough, shark-infested waters. I'm glad I caught that ruby slippered cutie, myself!

Kailani said...

Happy Anniversay! It's wonderful to hear about a couple being happy and in love!

clew said...

Happy anniversary Scone and Slap!

You visited my blog long long ago ... I found you again via checking in on your spouse and mention of your birthday.

Happy birthday too!

P.S. I too have suffered loss of children. *hugs* - from one who understands

Scone said...

Thanks for all the good wishes.

Hi Clew, it's good to see you again.