Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Mouse Potatoes

Tonight as I sat at the desk and The Man lounged on the couch with the laptop, I burst out laughing. He asked what was up, and I managed to stop snorting long enough to tell him to check CNN.com's tech section. After a brief discussion of Sen. Joe Lieberman's predicament, he found the right article. "Wow," I managed. "They have a term for what we do every night." And for some other stuff, too. Some of it may be gone from the lexicon by morning, but I'm keeping my favorite, which describes us perfectly: electroverts.


Dorothy said...

We don't have internet service at the house right now. I'm really liking that. When we had it at the house, we really just prefered being not being online, unless there was a burning forum issue we needed to discuss. It's one of the ways BH would unwind when he got home. Now that we work together, we unwind together. That's way more fun.

His Worship said...

Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!

Scone said...

Heh, yeah, and your boss doesn't mind you surfing the Net at work, either. Sweet deal!