Monday, February 14, 2005

Isn't It Romantic?

Holy cow! My husband gave me a tiara for Valentine's Day! Shall I repeat that?

A tiara.

And what may be the world's largest heart-shaped balloon, surrounded by smaller (by "smaller" here, I mean only 18-24 inches across) heart-shaped balloons. And a giant red glass urn full of roses and other lovely things. And a gorgeous red desk pen topped with a silver heart...And did I mention the tiara?

I'm wearing it to work tomorrow, I swear.

The flower-shop guy who brought it said that this was the biggest delivery in town today. I bet it was. I have the most romantic husband in the entire bizarre, wacked-out world, and I love him to pieces. He says it's his mission in life to make other husbands look bad. How's he doing?


Laura said...

Pretty darn great!

Mason said...

I have to admit I probably suffer by comparison. I never gave my wife a tiara.

Leann said...

You have to be the luckiest woman on the planet.....go you!!

Psycho Kitty said...

I can attest: It was a damned sweet tiara! And I noticed the pen, too. I was totally having pen envy.

Little Sis said...

Um, pretty well, I'd say. My husband sent me an e-card. It's all fine and good, and it was a lovely e-card...but that was pretty much the extent of the romance.

Kory O said...

A tiara?

I thought you already had one, dahlink!! ;)

But seriously....that is cool.