Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lost, Lost, Lost....

I don't even know what to say tonight, except that, more than the Colorado education system, more than even Ms. Devil's Advocate, I hate the stupid judge who slept through our entire trial and then had the gall to say he didn't have enough information and didn't believe our evidence and doesn't see why we can't just stay here in squalor for the rest of our lives ('cause I'm sure never getting a pay raise) while my husband grows old and dies without a college degree or any real earning potential or much self-esteem and our children's potential is wasted in this poor excuse for a school district because who cares about any of that as long as Miss Mommy Thing retains her stupid "rights" to a child she's never ever ever ever cared for in her whole stinking stupid self-absorbed whiny lying slutty lazy irresponsible deceitful treacherous fricking LIFE.

Apparently, I've forgotten everything I learned in my recent "How to deal with meanies and still stay Christian" class. I guess I ought to try harder, but people just have no idea. None. I forgive them all, though, even fricking Judge Gilmore, 'cause I'm not having this on my head, oh no.

Time for more painkillers. This hurts.

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