Friday, February 25, 2005

You Are SO Not Going to Believe This...

OK, finally, here are my Ten Things I've Done That You Probably Haven't. Every single one of them is absolutely true.

  1. Got a perfect score on the GRE
  2. Worked inside an old Nazi bunker
  3. Slept in castles in England and Scotland
  4. Stopped an international crime
  5. Hiked more than one Hawaiian volcano
  6. Was pregnant 4 times before my 5th anniversary
  7. Received a marriage proposal in the furniture department of Dillard's
  8. Watched the changing of the guard at Edinburgh and Hradcany Castles (not at the same time, obviously)
  9. Was piped onto a battlefield while wearing woad and a velvet gown
  10. Parked my white BMW in the exact spot by the Charles Bridge where the car blew up in "Mission Impossible"
I left out most of the racy and/or classified things, most of the things that I did with other people who might read this blog ("stole a piece of Kenilworth Castle" didn't make the list) and things I've mentioned before (e.g., "wore a tiara to work"). Any takers?


Scone said...

Yes, I do seem to have a princess obsession. I am occasionally impressed by the royals in my genealogy and go to visit whenever I can. And being an American and therefore castle-less, I find castles to be quite romantic and interesting to study, whereas Germans just put up poplin curtains and live in them. (The castles, yes.)

Tom (hubby) said...

2 responses:

"No, but I know someone who has."


"Well, I'll just put those in my planner."

Jerydien said...

Unless you've been stealing bits of castle with someone else, I thought we got Warwick, Kennilworth, and Edinborough? darn good thing they had those little ropes up to keep us out of arms reach of Stonehenge, huh?

I still think those rocks are a big part of why my husband married me - he treasures those things and they are displayed on our mantle along with some stone gargoyls I got him and the journal I made him for Christmas a few years ago.

Scone said...

I remembered Warwick later. Did we get Edinburgh too? Good for us! Was it from the spot up on the parapet by the cannons, overlooking the city? I forget. Does that add "Committed international crimes" to the list? ;-)

Scone said...
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LadyBug said...

A very impressive list, indeed.
Makes your life sound like a Bond movie....except, maybe, for the Dillard's and getting pregnant parts.