Monday, July 31, 2006

Rescue Me

Day 4 of Migraine Week...

Ouch. Whimper.

It's Getting Dark in Here

Somewhere between waking and sleeping this weekend, a horrifying realization crept into my head. You know that letter The Molester gave to #1 Son recently, detailing his crimes against the boy? It's not just a confession and a key to his freedom. Oh, no:

It's a blueprint for future child molesters.

Puberty right around the corner, that letter in his hand, and children in the house. Of such things a mother's nightmares are made. And this mom can't seem to wake up.


Dorothy said...

#1 son isn't going to "take lessons" in this vile practice. I can tell you that he may have curiosities and inclinations he shouln't have because of that pain and situation, but he has you, and that is an essential part of chain breaking for him. Your road will help him. He isn't doomed to repeat his offender's road.

Jessica said...

Hope you get to feeling better, Scone - and I agree with surrenderdorthy - your influence will be a significant factor.

Kory O said...

Don't count him in on the dark side, yet, ol' buddy.

There may be an increased risk, sure. Not going to deny that. But....keep in mind that he has your example. That counts for a lot. (Matter of fact, I know more people who have been through that who definitely are not that way than ones who say they were molested and later became victimizers. I say that because I'm starting to wonder if most of the victimizers are just making that past crap up, anyway, but that's just me. Nothing scientific, just a hunch.)