Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Still Here, Send Help

A quick update to say I'm still alive and stuff. The kids are alive, too, which sometimes does not go without saying. I feel like I've been unconscious for most of the past week, but I'm certain I remember doing something lately, mostly trying to stop the kids from killing themselves and each other.

I've been worrying, too, but not as much as I'd expected-- probably because of the aforementioned lack of consciousness, which was induced by some meds my doc gave me to lower my blood pressure. You know, that wasn't on my list of ailments, doc. You really didn't have to. He says, "This stuff will probably make you tired." Oh, yeah, add that to the Percocet, the anti-anxiety pills, and the pain. How will I be able to tell? I wondered. Well, not waking up, ever-- that's a sign. That and not being able to move or even talk for the first hour after I wake up.

So here's the score: 3 rowdy boys, 1 comatose mom who's supposed to be watching them, 1 frantic man who has to somehow go to school, fix dinner, do homework, see to evening baths, clean the house, and run errands-- oh, and maybe get his homework and stuff done-- but who decides that we absolutely need to bake 3 dozen loaves of banana bread during the middle of the hottest days of the year... a mortgage and half a dozen other bills that need paying and a nice notice from our bank gently nudging us to please put some money into our account, and that nice fat check I was supposed to be getting has turned into vaporware...

So unconscious is a nice place to be, but I'd rather be capable of independent movement and rational thought about now. How about you?


Dorothy said...

Have a bake sale and have the kids run a lemonaid stand, that will take care of the rowdy kid thing, and the bank thing. A garage sale is also a good way to raise some bill-paying cash ( my mom sometimes makes hundreds of dollars...I've made up to a couple of hundred, but I'm not really a packrat like she is). Next, find the remote control that gives you like 40 extra hrs in the day so you can spend half of it comatose, and still function. This same remote should be able to put the kiddos in slo-mo. Then find the FF button for the man's education. Do all of this while spinning those plates on poles, like the Ed Sullivan show. I wish I could send help. But you could always move to Iowa and in with us.

Scone said...

Unfortunately, we can't actually move, or we would. Well, we might. If TM changes schools again, he'll end up starting his Junior year all over again, and possibly more. Ack.

Some kids near the front of our neighborhood occasionally and seem to do pretty well. But our house, being at the far end and in a cul de sac, doesn't have the advantage of location. That, and staying outside for more than 10 minutes these days is suicidal. Bleah. We need a lemonade-and-cookie stand in the mall. The old mall.

I like your remote idea, though.