Saturday, August 20, 2005

(Not Quite 101) Things About This Week

  • Everybody but me starts school on Monday.

  • My boys are insanely revved up about this.

  • I'm no longer 37-- does that mean I am old?

  • I haven't watched Monty Python in a very long time.

  • My new niece was born on the 17th-- the fourth girl in our family to have a birthday this week.

  • We are so excited about baby niece's arrival-- my sweet little sister and her husband have been waiting for eons for someone to let them adopt.

  • The last person in our office who knew anything about admin stuff is no longer working for us.

  • They offered him one of the jobs vacated by our really awesome (but now former) editorial assistants, and he laughed at what they were willing to pay.

  • He was our intern.

  • The other intern left after only a month.

  • We are so hosed.

  • Nobody in management seems to care.

  • The rest of us are on the verge of quitting, too.

  • Even if the PHB knew, she wouldn't care.

  • She might hold the door for us.

  • Did I mention that we're hosed?

  • I got diamond earrings and a couple of fat checks for my birthday.

  • My family loves me, and that's all that matters.

  • But diamond earrings are pretty darn good to have.


Jessica said...

Indeed they are! I got diamond earrings from my husband for a wedding present (love, love, love them!)

Glad your birthday was so wonderful.

MIM said...

Me jealous. Me have to wait until 25th wedding anniversary. Husband has habit of calling them "shiny rocks." This tends to make them appear trivial when we have other huge expenses. Sigh. Hope you're enjoying them enough for both of us!