Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I'm Here!

OK, just so you know: I'm back from St. Louis, I had a good birthday and anniversary, my husband is awesome, my kids are mostly healthy, I'm having bloody awful migraines, and I will write again soon. Much to do, no time at all.


Jessica said...

Well, darn. I wish I had known you were coming here (that is, of course, if you are comfortable meeting fellow bloggers). Hope you had a nice trip!

Scone said...

I was hoping I'd be able to see you, too. :) I did post about my trip about a month ahead of time, but that was when you were about to leave on your travels. And Kristine (Filegirl) was over here, probably about the same time I was in your area. Man, next year we need to call each other or something.

Jessica said...

Absolutely! When the times comes, let me know - I'll e-mail you my number.