Friday, July 01, 2005

Quote of the Day

In all my birthday postings, I didn't mention the funniest thing that happened that day. I was in my room, so I only heard it; the boys were playing with something in the living room. The item in question was certainly something belonging to Pirate Boy, something special for his day, but #1 Son was barging in and taking over in that "I'm twice your age and twice your size/a 300-pound gorilla sleeps where he wants" way. Pirate Boy stopped and said in his hands-on-hips/ever-so-exasperated voice, "No, [big brother's name], it's my birthday-- I'm the main character. You're the sidekick."

Yeah. Bravo, little man.


Jessica said...

HAH! Now THAT is absolutely priceless!

lchan said...

That is classic.

Whenever my 6 year old gets a little scared in a movie, she'll whisper to me "Is s/he a main character?" because we've told her that main characters almost never die. I don't think I had any notion about main characters until 10th grade English.

Scone said...

I ought to add that Pirate Boy is looking forward to being the sidekick for his big brother's birthday. He knows how it works.