Friday, July 22, 2005

And Now, the Status Report...

I probably committed a terrible breach of netiquette with my last post. Go ahead and tell me I'm a jerk; I'll probably just laugh like a cheap drunk. 'Cause I probably haven't mentioned it lately, but I'm still on heavy drugs.

Yep, I am. Ibuprofen: 800 mg, 3 times a day. Percocet, 5-10 mg, every 5-6 hours. I try not to use the higher doses more than necessary. I've seen Rush Limbaugh. (Ever notice that his name ends in "ugh"? For good reason.)

I'm also still in heavy pain. But fortunately, my manager and the HR director were able to get me a comfy new orthopedic task chair (available by prescription--who knew?), so now I don't hurt nearly as much as I used to after sitting for 6 hours. (Oh, my achy-breaky back!)

#1 Son is gone to "Mommy's" for the last half of summer, and we're trying not to worry too much. I hope she doesn't leave him with child molesters again, but you just never know. So far, the plan is for her to bring him back the day before he starts at a totally new school. Does this strike anyone as reasonable? Well, we wouldn't want her to have to take a day off work for him. That would be inconvenient. What a stinker.

Pirate Boy is geared up and SO ready for kindergarten. Punkin Boy has no idea what's about to hit him: daycare is a foreign concept to him, and I don't think he's gonna like it. We're looking around for decent places, but this town is a bit short on useful items like safe and affordable childcare. OK, forget the affordable. Just 4 days a week for him & 4 before-kindergarten days for his brother are going to run us something like $1200 a month. How do people manage to afford daycare AND food? After a while, I bet eating the children starts to sound reasonable...

OK, going back to the subject of foreign concepts, take a minute to read this beauty of a rant from Kory O. Lovely, darling.

And now I'm off. Y'all come back, now, ya hear?

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Kory O said...

Why, thank you, dear. Hope you are feeling better.