Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bueller? Bueller?

Hey, um, I know you guys are out there somewhere. More than 50 people have stopped by in the last week, which I kinda feel bad about because I've been sick in bed for days and haven't posted anything. So maybe that's what's going on with everyone else, too. 'Cause, um, nobody's commented in weeks. Do I have to post something controversial just to get a peep? Maybe you're all on vacation.

I'd like to say I'll post much more often now that people are stopping by, but the next couple of weeks are going to be hellaciously busy, and I just don't know what kind of time and computer access I'll have.

We'll see how that turns out. Bought my tickets to St. Louis; trying to figure out how to make my writers group meeting on the 10th before I zoom to the airport. Have many doctor appointments, school arrangements, and meetings out my ears in the next 3 weeks, plus my anniversary (7 years!) and my birthday (more than 7 years) and my babies starting school... It just gets busier from there. Life's an adventure, and I'm enjoying the ride.


Jack said...

Well, you know . . . controversy helps. Personally, though, I just haven't had anything insightful or, I don't know, anything I thought would even by moderately interesting to comment on your posts. I've enjoyed reading them.

Scone said...

Thanks, Jack. Whew, I was getting nervous there. I've also heard that Blogger was limiting comments to 300 characters and requiring email and weird stuff like that. I'd appreciate other people trying it out and letting me know if there's anything weird going on. I'll smack Blogger into shape. But meanwhile, keep trying. (Is that 300 characters yet?)

Purple Elephant said...

It has been a little quiet over at mine too but then I've been not very good at updating lately what with essay stress and going away! Which of course has meant that I've been behind at visiting everyone else too. Good luck with your writers group, I went to mine the other day and I think it is going to be quite useful.