Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Ups and Downs

Now it's Tuesday night. My folks have now been out of town for a week. The kids and I are still sick, and I'm starting to feel pretty worn down. (OK, not just starting.)

I thought the kids were mostly better after the weekend, and I was looking forward to taking it easy for a bit and recovering my health, too. (My temperature's been a steady 100 degrees for ages.) But Pirate Boy had an earache by dinner time, and when it had resisted Motrin and actually gotten worse by midnight, I threw on some clothes and hauled us all to the emergency room. Oy vey.

Luckily, we live in a small town where there's not too much traffic at that time of night, in or around the hospital. In fact, it was kind of spooky walking those empty halls in search of a pharmacist afterward. My boy has a nasty, messy ear infection, but now he has antibiotics and is doing much better.

I discovered last night how fortunate I am that I can keep Lortab down. My mom and my little Pirate both apparently throw it right back up within a couple of minutes. I guess I believed my doctor when he said, "Most people tolerate this stuff pretty well." Not in my family, apparently.

In the absence of my parents, we've been blessed by some good friends and neighbors, who have taken care of us today. And now both the punkins are down for the night, and a storm's blowing in. Maybe I can get some rest tonight.


Mama Cat said...

Blech. That's when you thank your lucky stars for Medicaid, right?
Sorry to hear about the misery over there. One of these days, people will be mostly healthy instead of mostly sick, and will stop passing stuff around. Maybe.

I don't tolerate Lortab too well, either. I had it for the first time after I got my wisdom teeth out, and I threw it up. After that, I just took half a pill at a time. I've had it once or twice since, though, and have done OK--possibly a lower dose than the first time, I guess.

Scone said...

You are so right about the Medicaid, sis. I'd gotten so used to just neglecting our health because we had no insurance that it took me a little while to think of going to the ER. But I'm glad we did. And now he has a great story to tell at school, whenever he goes back. (Hopefully tomorrow!)

I think Daddy was pretty glad to miss most of this illness. He's really paranoid about grandkids being germ-warfare assassins, and he was already sick when they left. He seems a lot better now.

Wonder why our family is so sensitive to the stuff. I must have built up a tolerance to narcotics over the last few years. Yay, me.

Sylvia said...

Lortab and I are good,good friends this week following my surgery. Mine is in liquid form. But it makes the pain go away.

Scone said...

Sweetie! You didn't tell me you were having surgery! Of course, I've been a terrible sister and haven't called you for ages, either. I hope you're feeling better, whatever it was.

Jen said...

Lortab is the same "good stuff" as vicodin, with a different OTC analgesic, right? I love to learn about pharmaceuticals, I'm weird that way...

Just checking in. Are you guys doing any better now?

mE said...

hey Suzanne!

I don't tolerate Lortab at all, either... I throw up most narcotics pretty quickly... or the headache coming off of them is worse than the pain I was originally in, so I just don't take the meds... however, morphine in drip form at the hospital following surgeries has always been a welcomed friend.



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Hey I hope the little guy is feeling better also.