Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Little Adventure

A funny thing happened today. I told my little punkin after I picked him up from kindergarten that we were going to have an adventure, but I just meant running some errands after lunch. ( I needed to get the closing documents for my house sent back to the realtor so I could have that albatross off my neck.) Maybe the nice people at the bank would give him a lollipop, that sort of thing. Nice easy stuff. Huh.

What I did NOT mean was that I would have a pseudo-heart attack at the kitchen table and get nothing done but have a lot of wires and monitors strapped to my body all day. And as nice as they are at the local hospital, I could have done without seeing its ER again for a LONG time.

Fortunately, this time, my folks were home and I could get help pretty quickly. I'm gonna have to strap a cell phone to myself, I swear, for those times I can't walk. Life is so exciting, isn't it?

The really great thing about all this was my lovely friends and neighbors swooping in to help. Living in such a small, tight-knit community, it was impossible for anyone to overlook the arrival of an ambulance at our door. I think our dear friend who shares my initials was at the house to see if she could take the kids off my hands before the last paramedic walked in. What a relief!

So after all the tests and x-rays and stuff, the doctor still didn't know what had happened with my heart. He suggested that since I was still lightheaded and weak, I might stay overnight for observation. Um, nope, gotta take off and find a notary and get these papers to Colorado. Thanks anyway. He took the next best option: wiring me to a portable monitor for 24 hours. Ooh, yay!

Again, not exactly what I had planned, but I'm sure some good will come of it. Sigh.


Renee said...

I'm listening to Klove right now and Revelation Song by Phillips Craig & Dean is on...

Worthy is the,
Lamb who was slain
Holy, Holy, is He
Sing a new song, to Him who sits on
Heaven's Mercy Seat
[Repeat 2x]

Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come
With all creation I sing:
Praise to the King of Kings!
You are my everything,
And I will adore You…!

Clothed in rainbows, of living color
Flashes of lightning, rolls of thunder
Blessing and honor, strength and
Glory and power be
To You the Only Wise King,


Filled with wonder,
Awestruck wonder
At the mention of Your Name
Jesus, Your Name is Power
Breath, and Living Water
Such a marvelous mystery


Holy, Holy, Holy
Is the Lord God Almighty
Who was, and is, and is to come,
With all creation I sing:
Praise to the King of Kings!
You are my everything,
And – I - will - adore YOU…

(Chorus) (Repeat at a cappella)

Come up lift up His Name
To the King of Kings…
We will adore YOU Lord…
King of heaven and earth
King Jesus, King Jesus
Aleluya, aleluya, aleluya!
Majesty, awestruck Honor
And Power and Strength and Dominion
To You Lord,
To the King, to King
To the King of Glory

Chorus (Repeats)
I found it very inspiring to pray for you while it was playing.

Mama Cat said...

Oh, dear. That does sound like an adventure, all right...sorry it was such an exciting one. We'll be praying for you especially hard, and hope the dr's figure out what's going on.
Love you and both your punkins.

Mark and Jessica said...

I guess the moral is to be careful what you promise your kids??!!??

I hope and pray the drs figure it all out and you can stop having such fun adventures.

Elle said...

Crikey! How scary was that?! You need to take more care of yourself. Maybe slow down a little. Sending positive thoughts your way and sincerely praying for no more fun times like that!

Scone said...

Renee: Thanks so much for that. You are a great friend.

MC, Jess, and Elle too- Thanks for your prayers and good wishes. I'm still looking for the Chinese person behind all these interesting times.

Elle: Heh, I think if I slowed down any more, I'd grow roots, or at least moss. But that's what the docs say, too. "Get lots of rest, drink plenty of liquids." You'd think I had the flu instead of a heart problem. Oy.

KoryO said...

Never a dull moment with you, is it? ;)

Will be hoping that this was just a weird little fluke. Take care....