Monday, August 06, 2007

I Can't Believe It

I just cannot believe it. Actually, this could have begun the post I was tempted to write last night, which would have been a long whiny rant about how if I hadn't been so darned responsible as to double-check at the last minute, I wouldn't have even known that I was supposed to report for jury duty this morning. And how I'd forgotten when I postponed it originally (it was supposed to be during my family reunion last week) that today was my deadline as well as smack-dab in the middle of Migraine Week. And how I was going to lose out on about $100, which my family could ill afford at this time. And don't get me started about "What am I supposed to do with my kids all day?" That was a good whine.

But guess what? I went to jury duty, the kids went to work with dad, they had a great time, I got dismissed right away, we got home for lunch and a nap, I finished my articles in plenty of time (for the first time ever) and have actually been working on other people's! Punkin Boy fell asleep early, so bedtime was very quiet, and Pirate Boy promises to sleep till noon tomorrow. (Don't you believe it; but it's very nice of him.)

Whew! I am not staying up past midnight tonight. Must get rid of the puffy eyes from crying my self-pitying loser self to sleep last night. And I'll probably have no work at all to do tomorrow. Can you believe how sweet life is?


Renee said...

Oh that's so great! I'm glad you got some rest.

I think you could have gotten off for the financial hardship to your family thing, but it's great that you got off anyway.

Jen said...

That sounds like it turned out pretty well!

Thanks for your comment on my "fishing" picture. :-) I'm confused, though, did someone say we look alike?

Scone said...

Renee: I almost felt like I had a choice of what excuse to use: no childcare, financial hardship, previous trauma in courtroom... but the excruciating pain and debilitating medication thing worked fine. Whew.

Jen: Yeah, I said something like that a long while back; I think it was a comment on the photo you posted of you at the dentist. I had just gotten my hair cut like yours and was feeling pretty. :)