Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me

Nine years, can you believe it? Nine years ago this afternoon (Hawaii time), TM and I were trailing behind a white-robed, hippy-ish island preacher across the grounds of the new "Fantasy Island" TV show, trying to get the workmen to get out of the way so we could go ahead with our wedding ceremony. Some highlights of the event (in case I haven't mentioned them too many times for you to forget), in no particular order:
  • a large dog that knocked #1 Son (age 3) down and licked him all during the ceremony
  • a manky but colorful parrot that sat on people's heads
  • a long mournful blast on a conch shell to signify a long happy life together
  • bridesmaids (and bride) in tropical print dresses
  • a groom in a Hawaiian shirt and leafy lei
  • the loud but gleeful statement, "I'm not wearing any underwear!"
  • a preacherly monologue featuring the words "intimate relationships with animals"
  • ocean breezes rustling the palm trees and tall grasses
  • a massive mosquito attack on the legs of bride and bridesmaids
  • wonderful family and friends, most of whom had made a long trip just for our special day (the chance to have a Hawaiian vacation wasn't a draw at all, I'm sure)

After cake, cookies, and socializing in the park, TM and I drove off into the be-rainbowed sunset for a relaxing wedding night at the Turtle Bay Hilton, with guava cake for breakfast. Not a bad start, really. Here's to the next nine years.


Renee said...

Happy Anniversary!

mine is next Wednesday...and this morning I woke up with a start thinking I had forgotten it!

I still gotta come up with a plan.

I hope you and TM had a great day remembering it.

Gina said...

Hey Scone!! I hope your day was special and that both of you were able to have a little alone time!!

Take care bud!!!

Koren said...

Ah, yes, how could I ever forget your wedding with Captain What's-his-name and his parrots?

Happy ninth anniversary! (Belated, I know, but still...)