Sunday, August 12, 2007

Getting Old

A lot of things seem to be getting old this week, not the least of which is me. That's right, kids, I'm less than a week from my dreaded 40th birthday. No, I haven't really been dreading it. I've been avoiding thinking about it. And when I do think of my age, I feel like I'm already 40 and looking pretty good considering. Well, I can dream, can't I? Fortunately, several of my friends have already turned 40; one of them called me this week and mentioned that the son of our other friend had graduated high school on her (Friend 1's) birthday this year. Ew, how old I feel.

And then I look around at my life and my little ones. Oh sure, at the family reunion last week, I saw my cousin who's 3 years older than me, and realized that she could be a grandma within the year. But I can't! As good as my little guys are about taking care of their "babies," they're nowhere near the age of having any of their own. Thank goodness!

#1 Son is another story. He called Friday to say he'd just gotten back from China, and I talked to him for a while. He was full of news about the trans-Pacific flight, traffic in China, their luggage getting lost, and people photographing him because he's a blonde. With some prompting, he told me about climbing the Great Wall, visiting Tiananmen Square, and seeing the terra cotta soldiers. Eventually, he mentioned the orphanage (that's what this whole trip was about, right? the adoption?) but only to tell how greedy and grabby the little kids were when he started handing out candy.

Then he said something I found really interesting. "For 2 weeks, I was an adult," he told me proudly. "In China, 12 is the age of adulthood." Really. I may not have mentioned it in this forum (although I'm vocal enough about it elsewhere), but the "sister" his Mommy is buying him (I have no doubt this is the way she thinks of it) is 12 years old, same as him. (Well, of course; he needs a playmate his own age. Duh.) Which makes me wonder about the Chinese as much as about the psycho woman. They know.

I've been wondering all this time who would allow this adoption to go forward, considering the circumstances. Besides the molester (who doesn't actually live with them and has had his record erased now that he's an adult in this country), there's still a boy who's entering his teens. And there's this girl his age, who's considered an adult in her country. And they're arranging for them to live in the same house (at least part of the time). And of course, Miss Thing can just leave either or both of them at the house anytime, 'cause they're old enough...

When he heard about it, TM's brother summed up the situation succinctly, "I can predict the future, and what I see is... a pregnant Asian chick." Tacky but likely. Damn that woman. Her insanity is decidedly getting old.


Renee said...

First, if 40 is OLD, then I'm OLD. My 40th birthday was in Jan and I don't feel old at all. Well maybe some body parts like to ache a bit more than when I was younger, but for the most part I'm feeling great. And I'm sure 40 will look great on you too.

As for the Evil one...what in the world is she thinking??? Adopting an Asian maid and conquest for her son? Time to teach that boy about the birds & bees and how to prevent babies. Poor kid. I'm betting the regulations for adopting an older child are much more lax.
But whoa boy look out for the social issues that girl is gonna have. All my friends who have adopted asian babies have said that they are delayed and hard to love because they aren't used to getting attention. They eventually catch up, but I would think a 12 y/o would have a much harder time...and I wouldn't be suprised if she'll teach #1 a thing or two.

I'll pray for you.

Linda said...

Happy almost Birthday! I can honestly say that 40 isn't bad; however, it was difficult when my oldest graduated high school and my second child turned 13 both in the same month that I turned 40. That can really make a person feel old, but I was too busy with that stuff to really think about the old part. I think of you often and I keep up with things with you from your blog. I know I'm a brat too for not posting anything before today. I hope you have a very happy birthday and that you have a year filled with many blessings.