Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mysterious Ways

I just want to share with you the latest evidence I have that God knows everything and loves each of us. Sometimes I have a hard time remembering that, especially that last part. The problem is that I don't know everything, at least not ahead of time. Well, today I learned something. Let me tell you a story.

The Man (TM) and I have been trying for several months to get things together for a special, important event that we were hoping would happen this weekend. The kids have a long weekend, it's between semesters for my brothers-in-law and before finals for TM... and it's late enough in the season that the weather should have been perfect for driving through the mountains. It was just the right time to have our--well, our second wedding. For all we knew, it was.

But things kept getting in the way. People who should have been helping us kept... forgetting or something. Nobody could do this or that, and pretty soon it was just too late. We'd have to wait a few weeks. Well, it was disappointing. I cried and I fumed. It wasn't supposed to be like this. See how mature I am. Pooh.

But this morning at 6:15 when the radio alarm went off and the weather announcer said the words "avalanche danger in the mountains," I suddenly understood. And I'm so grateful that my will isn't always the one done. Oh, I have so far to go.


Renee said...

I've always found that when I'm fighting the hardest for something to work it's because God is saying "No" or "Not Yet."

It is so hard to wait on God's Will, but it will work out for you. Have faith.

kailani said...

Everything happens for a reason :-)

Scone said...

I know this, somewhere inside. But somehow, my natural response when things aren't going right is, "I just have to try harder." I've never been good at just letting things happen. Like I said, I have so far to go.

Jen said...

Ooh, that gave me chills!