Saturday, April 07, 2007

Things You Don't Want to Hear...

...your hairstylist say:

"Woohoo! My third haircut!"

Actually, it wasn't too bad. And it wasn't my hair; it was Punkin Boy's. He hadn't had a hair cut since Labor Day and looked like a pretty little red-haired girl. We took him this week to get it cut at a local haircutting school. (Free haircuts are hard to turn down in our circumstances.) Fortunately, the schoolmarm came around to check the guy's work and trimmed the rough edges up. And Punkin is very pleased to be able to see now.

"I needed to do a long-hair style!"

This was from the stylist who worked on The Man's hair. He hadn't had a trim for just as long and was very shaggy. We were hoping to get him looking a little more clean-cut, but that was not to be. (Apparently, beggars can in fact not be choosers in this situation.) His first comment when we walked out of the salon (actually, the kids and I were kicked out earlier for being distracting; beggars can also be abused at will) had to do with Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, so you can figure for yourself how long it still is. Sigh. Still, I'm thankful for free haircuts. And I hope someday to have a different kind.


Renee said...

At least with a beauty college you know the kids are still in training and there's a teacher nearby... if you go to the cheapo haircutters you get the kids who just graduated and you get to pay for the privilege of them messing up your hair.

I'm glad it turned out okay.

Scone said...

Good point, Renee. In some ways, we're living better now than when we had an actual income.