Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Little By Little, We're Getting There

I haven't been around much lately because The Man (TM) has been gone a lot. The good news is that he's been working. Yes, as in at a job. He can't believe his luck to be chosen as a professional A/V geek for his school. OK, it doesn't pay hugely and it's not full-time, but it's a long-term income, and that's a major thing we've been lacking for, oh, the last 19 months or so. Yay, money!

With the kids home from school the past several days, I've had my hands full, and with TM gone so much, it's been kind of a challenge to survive each day. But I'm managing, which is only attributable to the power of prayer; I couldn't do it alone. Now TM is interviewing for a Web programmer job (also for the school), which also won't pay much but will give him experience, and with graduation only a year away (we HOPE), that will be key.

OK, now here's the news I've been brimming over with: I got a contract as a freelance writer, starting immediately! They're even going to pay me for my "audition" piece. Sweet! (Such a relief-- I was beginning to think I'd never work again, after several months without a contract.)

And best news of all, we got our date: May 26 at 3 in the afternoon, we become an eternal family. Go us!


Jen said...

That is all SO COOL! I'm excited for you!

We're starting our temple prep classes soon, but we're not going to be able to go until October, when we'll be members for a full year. I can't wait, though. You'll have to tell us all about it (all that you CAN tell, that is.)

Go you!

Sylvia said...

I am so relieved for you sweetie. I am so glad to see you descending the mountain finally and seeing the joy of the valley in front of you.

Go You!!!

Ps. Who are you writing for?

Renee said...

Great news! I'll have Jen fill me in on what the eternal family thing means...she's so patient with me, such a great teacher.

I'm so excited to hear that TM & you both have some work. That's awesome.

kailani said...

Looks like a lot of great things are happening in your corner of the world. Congratulations!

An Island Life

Kory said...

The job news (both you and TM) is wonderful! Congratulations!!