Saturday, March 10, 2007

Need a Break

Locked in battle with the forces of evil. Still. Expecting a court summons any day. Our pediatrician has recommended medication that might help #1 Son concentrate better and do better in school. The Evil One of course is having fits about it. The Man (TM) must be lying; the doctor must be insane; we're just doing this to cause trouble for her (I don't know how); she is opposed to all medication for the boy; an acquaintance of hers says of course #1 Son doesn't have ADD or ADHD and so doesn't need medication; we need to let him come live with her because we can't take care of him, etc., etc., ditto ditto... She says we just need to change his diet to a low-carb/high protein thing. (Oh, like the one we had him on last year in hopes of fixing this very problem-- the one you insisted he didn't need to be on as soon as he went to your house for his summer break? That diet? Sure, yeah. As soon as it's your idea, you like it.)

Have no money still, but may have fixed the problem with the overdraft. Well, as soon as the check arrives on the east coast. Will need enough money to pay for our car in less than a week, but unless the IRS is really fast, that's not happening. The VA is 2 months behind on its G.I. Bill payments, and who cares? Well, besides us. They don't seem to. It would surely help if they got caught up.

Well, our house is still mostly clean, anyway, despite the best efforts of our two youngest kids. (Did you really, truly have to use the bathroom trash can as a toilet? Did you? No, I thought not.) And we've embarked upon spring break, so maybe there'll be some rest for the weary along the way. I'll keep you posted.


Renee said...

The Evil One's friend doesn't have anything other than EO's word as to #1's condition...and therefore her word has no bearing on this. Does TM need EO's approval before starting the meds?

Hoping the money comes through for you.

Scone said...

I don't think he technically does need her permission. But if we start #1 Son on the meds and then he goes to her house, they may get "accidentally" lost or (and this is what I expect) she'll use it next time we see her in court as "evidence" that he doesn't respect her wishes for their son. Or something. She claims all sorts of outrageous things, and if we don't have proof to the contrary, the court rules in favor of her. How we can be expected to prove a negative about any random lie she makes up, I have no idea. But it's our lot in life.