Monday, January 01, 2007

White Christmas and Other Fairy Tales

Well, we had a good one. Everything worked out, the kids loved their presents (hey, who doesn't love seeing their favorite Star Wars characters fly into tiny Lego bits?), and we managed to keep them happy with just the "Santa" stuff until my folks arrived Christmas afternoon. They got here safely, we had a good hour or two of unwrapping fun presents, and we ate lots of good food.

Some really fun stuff made its appearance during this time. Punkin Boy, who is diligently learning to read, now owns Volume 2 of The Electric Company ("Hey, you guys!"), which was a favorite TV show of mine ages ago. And Pirate Boy is now the captain of no less than two new pirate ships (complete with cannon and harpoon gun) and dresses every day in his official Jack Sparrow pirate gear. Among the presents The Man (TM) and I received were a fluffy warm featherbed (must locate a duvet cover!) and... a digital camera! (Holy crud, such a nice one, too!) Our families are awesome.

The folks had to leave again Wednesday afternoon, which at the time was a bit of a bummer for us, but... by now you've heard about the second blizzard that hit us-- yes, it was Thursday. So very exciting. This time, we were prepared. In fact, we ended up with more food than we had room for and had to ask our wonderful neighbors if they wouldn't mind keeping some extra milk and veggies for us. (And if they happened to need some, well, all the better.)

Friday somebody in a bulldozer came through our neighborhood pushing snow off the streets, which was very nice. Now we all have these 4-foot walls of jagged ice around our property. Handy in case of invasion. The mailbox has one, too, but fortunately, the mail hasn't really been running lately. (Case in point, we just this weekend received our mortgage statement for the payment due today. I hope they're not holding their breath.)

Fortunately, TM was able to get the car out today to make the long drive to pick up #1 Son from "Mommy's" house. He's full of excitement about all his relatives he was able to meet on his trip to the South. And of course all the money they gave him. Well, who wouldn't be? I'm still a bit suspicious that That Woman will take us to court and sue for custody in, oh, 6 weeks or so, because we're too poor to support her baby and all. OK, more than a bit suspicious.

But (aside from some sniffles in the little punkins) we are doing fine, we really are. Snowbound, a little. But well fed, decidedly. A little too much so. In fact, anyone want to come over for some egg nog and pecan pie? Pumpkin bread and cocoa? I have those cute holiday marshmallows... Anybody?


Jen said...

"Now we all have these 4-foot walls of jagged ice around our property. Handy in case of invasion."

Hilarious! We have the same problem here. We all had to dig out our driveways, and then dig out the wall of plowing that everyone in the neighborhood received...

Scone said...

My dad sounded envious: "You have a snow fort!" Hee. Today my boys were tunneling around the yard.

*Taps watch* "Is this thing stopped? I'm sure it ought to be spring by now!"