Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Study of Pirates

Pirate Boy studies Pirateology. What a happy pirate he was!
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Renee said...

did ya hear they're predicting more snow on Thursday? I can wait. I'm so sick of this!

Oh man I just looked at my calendar...Thursday is my night out. bummer! *sigh*

And yeah the big 4-oh was not so bad. course, I've never been one that's been bothered by my age...I suppose because I never act it.

hopefully this snow won't be as bad...they seem to each be getting smaller. But I'm sure the shoveling...break...shoveling...break has to be really great exercise, right?

Renee said...

I see that you did hear.

Scone said...

Yeah, I heard. Apparently we're getting paid back for all those years of drought in this area. "You want precipitation? I gotcher precipitation right here!"

I wish I was the one getting the exercise, but my back is having none of it. Speaking of break, that's what our big snow shovel did last week-- all we have now is the small collapsible one, and of course the stores have been sold out for a while now. Phooey on snow.