Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cake and Pictures

I'm catching up on my photos; finally got the rolls of film developed from the past year. This is, of course, #1 Son and his birthday cake in the shape of Zorbak the "ebil" blue Moglin (just call him a bunny with a bad attitude). I mentioned it here, if you recall. It's not the best picture; compare it to the original here if you want. Enjoy!
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Renee said...

Glad to help with the wd40 tip...just know that you should regrease the chain eventually. I'll talk DH into it when it warms up. I'm guessing that once it's regreased that it will last at least another 5 years...maybe longer.

Loved the bunny w/ a bad attitude cake! Great job.

Renee said...

oh, we knew it wasn't the sensor because it would always "get stuck" in the same place and on warmer days it would work fine if you held the button down.

Renee said...

wow, how's this for chatty?

I was just looking through all your posts and saw that you tagged me. oops! sorry I didn't catch that sooner...but I'm pretty sure that Kailani got me on that one already. Sorry about that. or maybe that one was different...I should go check.

Scone said...

Don't worry about it. I didn't bug anyone else either. But tagging was a rule, so... Bleah.

local girl said...

What a great bunny cake. He sure looks happy! Must have been delicious!