Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday Wishlist

The Man (TM) and I were surfing the Net one night for some cool things I might want for Christmas-- in ten years or so when we actually have some money. I was going to post it here, but somehow it disappeared. Well, it wasn't realistic anyway. So here I go again:

Making a List (The Wishes)
  1. Nice digital camera
  2. New wardrobe for entire family
  3. Subscription to Ethel M's year of chocolate
  4. Replacements for the bucket of jewelry the TSA guy in Vegas stole
  5. A second honeymoon
  6. Brand-new computer
  7. TM to graduate!
  8. Job with a good salary
  9. Health insurance
  10. Book contract
  11. New house

Checking It Twice (More Realistic)
  1. Get the year's worth of film developed (i.e., $$)
  2. Couple of outfits that are less than 10 years old for me, couple pairs of pants for TM
  3. A pound or two of decent chocolate
  4. Reset the stone back into TM's wedding ring (i.e., $$)
  5. A babysitter maybe once a month so TM and I can go out sometimes
  6. Replace bulb in my dad's laptop he's been loaning me (again, $$)
  7. TM to pass all his classes
  8. Just enough money to pay our medical bills
  9. Get this dang-blasted cavity filled; it's killing me! (Once again, $$$$)
  10. Just to finish the halfway decent novels I've started writing (there are two)
  11. Insulation or at least heavy curtains in the punkins' bedroom; repairing the electrical wiring in the master bedroom would be a treat, too.
I may let you know if I get anything off the second list this year. At least #10 I can do something about. And lest you think I'm wallowing in self-pity again, here is a list of some things I do have that I'm thankful for.
  1. Tons of memories (and photos) of my adventures from past years
  2. Warm clothes for the kids in this Arctic weather
  3. A neighbor who brings me Hershey's chocolate just because
  4. A husband who thinks I'm beautiful no matter what I wear
  5. Plans to marry my husband all over again
  6. Parents who'll lend me a laptop for over a year
  7. A college education, and children who value the concept
  8. The ability to still make a little money here and there
  9. A LOT less stress than when I was employed
  10. Local library with thousands of books I haven't read yet
  11. A roof over my head-- and my children's. The value of that alone is beyond measure.
So life is still good. Merry Christmas.


Scone said...

Number 3, pound of good chocolate: check! Thanks, Kory!

Scone said...

Update as of 12/21: Things are looking good!
#1, check!
#2, check!
#3, check!
#4, probably.
#5, possibly.
#6, check!
#7, don't ask.
#8, check!
#9, probably.
#10, I'll have to work hard at, but I'll get there.
#11 could happen, too. Hooray!

Scone said...

And I got a gorgeous digital camera, too! Thanks much to my wonderful parents!