Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Backward Glance

This week has been a time to stop and look back for many people. I let my mind wander back 5 years to my thoughts and feelings as the world got a little more dangerous, a little crueler. I didn't dwell too long on my feelings relief and accompanying guilt, but maybe I should. Maybe I will sometime.

This week (in fact, today) marks another disconcerting anniversary: I've officially been out of work for 1 year. For a whole year now, my family has been living on donations, student loans, temp jobs, and whatever else we can scrounge. I don't like it. I especially don't like it now that the disability determination people are looking askance at my claim that I can't work enough to support our family, and our bank is sending notices that gee, a few days ago we didn't have any money at all in our account (wouldn't it have been nice to know at the time-- no, they slam us with half a dozen fees and then send the "please deposit..." note).

Sorry. I know it's my fault for not having enough money in the account in the first place. It's supposed to be there, and it would have been there but somehow that phone call to the VA didn't get made this month and gee, there goes a thousand dollars we really needed. Aaauugh! Waaaah...

OK, stop. I'm moaning and complaining again. It's back to the desperate scrabble for us, but it's really amazing that we're still living indoors and keeping our children fed and clothed. In fact, it's a miracle. And for that miracle and all the others, I am grateful.

And... tomorrow is another anniversary-- this one of a much different type. Tomorrow is the birthday of my sweetheart husband. We're growing old together, and it feels pretty good.

And hey, on Tuesday, I get to talk like a pirate. Heh.


Koren said...
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KoryO said...

Ah, now I see why he is such a strong guy in the face of bad times. (That's my brother's birthday, too!)

Happy Birthday to your sweetie!

kailani said...

Happy Birthday to you Husband. At least you have each other to lean on in hard times.

Dorothy said...

That "opposition in all things" can be done taken a little too literally.

But this living on the edge thing is for the birds.

Happy Birthday TM. sorry . ETM now.

Slap-Happy said...

My birthday came and went with much more joy than usual, and the boys wouldn't stop giving me presents.

They'd hand me one, and then run off to make another one.