Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: Take it Easy

Thirteen of my Favorite Therapies
  1. Sleeping in.
  2. Reading mystery novels.
  3. Sitting by a stream and watching the light sparkle in the water.
  4. Reading Dave Barry or other humorists' work.
  5. Playing classical music on the piano.
  6. Writing, usually verse or short stories.
  7. Shopping (if I have any money).
  8. Taking naps.
  9. Talking to my mom.
  10. Eating chocolate.
  11. Playing Pirates!
  12. Snuggling my kids.
  13. Hanging out with my husband.

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Natsthename said...

Taking a nap...ahhhh...that's the ultimate therapy!!!

Happy T13!!

I like pedicures as a therapy, myself. :-)

Jen said...

I LOVE Dave Barry! Do you know he has his own blog? I don't get to check it as much as I'd like, but it's pretty funny, too. It's here

I wish I could play piano, that's so cool! :-)

Lisa said...

Napping and sleeping in are my favorites. Although chocolate therapy works well also. Thanks for sharing.

Dorothy said...

Could I come and play pirates with the boys? That'd do wonders for me right now.

Went through my stash of m&ms at camp. Hmph.

Scone said...

Nat: There are so many things I didn't put on the list. Mostly things I can't do lately, like wiggle my toes in the sand on a sunny beach, or have a nice long professional massage, or drive really fast on the Autobahn, or sit on castle ramparts and let the wind blow through my hair... Well, a lot of stuff.

Jen: Yes, I've seen Dave Barry's blog, but not for a while.

The Shrone said...

I like how all of these therapies are low-cost! Great TT list!

Carmen said...

If Dave Barry and a nap can't lift you up, seek professional help. :) Like Jen says, his blog is super funny.

Happy0303 said...

I wish I had learned to play the piano. I think it would be very soothing. I also enjoy Dave Barry's humor.

Stacy said...

Great list! Totally agree with 1, 2, 3, 8, 10, 13. I wish my mom were here to talk to, she passed away 4 years ago.

Have a great day, I played too :)

YellowRose said...

Eating chocolate is great therapy!!

Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

EmilyRoseJewel said...

12 & 13 are my most favorite! I like to shop and get good deal. Due to #12 I can't sleep in, but I do take occasional naps and enjoy them a lot! Chocolate too! My list is up!

wrigley said...

we all need a therapy every once in awhile. i love shopping and chocolates! and Friends reruns!

Scone said...

Dorothy: You bet! You're welcome at our house anytime. The boys would love to play pirates with you.

Ack, I'm down to my last ounce of chocolate!

One cool thing about #5, after I posted this list, my sweet friend & former coworker brought over a copy of "Moonlight Sonata" that I'd been wanting but couldn't find. Hooray!

Lady Jane said...

I love to read! It is the greatest kind of therapy!