Friday, June 23, 2006

Overheard in Passing

Walking down the hall at church the other day, I was only vaguely aware of one woman complimenting another's dress. The "dress" woman caught my attention, though, with her response: "Thanks, I got this one for the Academy Awards a couple years back..." I grinned. A quick glance wasn't even necessary to confirm her identity; the door she was standing at gave it away. She's the nursery leader, and has been for a couple of years now. I love that. I love it that everybody just serves in our church in whatever way they're asked to, and they don't say, "I'm a vice president of HP, I'm not going to chaperone teenagers at camp!" or "I'm just a gas-station attendant, I can't be Sunday School president (or bishop)!" Or, "I'm dean of the Harvard Business School, and I don't want to move to Idaho..." They just do it. I love that.


Dorothy said...

This sent me on an hour and a half surfing frenzy. I went looking for jobs in Idaho and Provo, found lovely jobs for me and even one for you, but not one for my talented husband.

Scone said...

Oh yeah, you went to that school, didn't you? Did you find us all a house as big as yours for under $100K?