Monday, April 03, 2006

Art Part 2

Now you've probably read my April 1 entry (which by the way was not a joke) and thought, "Gee, she's pretty harsh." But really, I just hate to see people I care about banging their heads against the wall for no good reason. If Plan A doesn't work, try Plan B. And keep trying and revising until you get positive results. It only makes sense. Nonsense is fun for a while, but it's no way to run your life. Not really.

The day after the P/T conference, #1 Son mentioned that he'd had art class that day. So I asked how his teacher had liked his sketch that was their previous assignment. He shrugged. "All right," he muttered.

"No way," I said. "That drawing was awesome. What did your teacher say when she saw it?"

He squirmed, but eventually admitted, "She said it was the best drawing she'd ever seen in fifth grade."

I thought so. The boy's got artistic talent coming out his ears and spilling off his fingers. I will so kick his butt if he stifles it.


Dorothy said...

Can you post a pic of the art?

I too, suffered from left-brain envy. I double majored for a year in music and chemistry. I love both, but was humbled by physics. So,I cut a new path.

Use that visual learning as a positive. Pie charts/venn diagrams/perspective can explain a lot of mathematic/scientific concepts.

MrsIrB said...

When I was his age, my talent in art came out. I ended up winning to state twice. But I found out that there's a definate difference between being good at something, and loving it. I'm very good at art. I don't love it. I'm not doing it as a career option, and had never really planned to.

I agree with Dorothy up there. Get him some tutoring, and see if you can't incoporate visual concepts into it. See if the school offers extra tutoring. If they fuss, point out that if he was having trouble reading, he'd have a special teacher stat. Math is just as vital to getting by day to day, and finishing school.

Scone said...

He hasn't brought the drawing back home, Dorothy, but I'll go you one better: I'll send a special personalized sketch he did for the Chairman's birthday. It's going in the mail today. :)

Thanks, MIB; I don't think we seriously want him to go into art professionally, especially if he doesn't like it. We really just want him to 1) appreciate the talents he has and know that we appreciate them, and 2) keep an open mind about his future education and career.

Wordsmith said...

I, too, sought a career in a scientific field. I thought it was my destiny to become a mechanical engineer, since my father was a heavy equipment mechanic and his father before him was a blacksmith. My first term in college yielded 10 hours of D credits in math and chemistry. I did a quick re-evaluation and changed my major to journalism. This led to bachelor's and master's degrees in mass communication and 40 years of employment as an educator, journalist, public relations professional and currently, web administrator for a corporation.

Wordsmith, father of Scone at Midnight, and grandfather of #1 son

Scone said...

:-) I have to say that I probably became an editor because I watched my daddy read the paper every day with a red pencil in his hand.

Dorothy said...

We do that with notes home from the school. Here are some of my favorites...

"We will get back to doing science next week"

"We have been studying what comes next. We have read "X" story and we will be writing sequals."

"We will be studying the Pledge of Alligence"

The only irritant since we moved up north is that we seemed to be the Allgoods.

We look forward to #1's artwork.