Sunday, March 19, 2006

Waiting and Wondering

If anyone's reading this tonight, I need your prayers. The Man is out there somewhere in this cold, icy storm, and I don't know when or how he'll get home. He crashed our only car 100 miles from here this evening and eventually managed to let me know about it when some good samaritan came by and lent him their cell phone for a minute. I haven't started worrying (too much) about what will happen in the morning when #1 Son has to get to school or how much the repairs are going to cost or any of the practical stuff. Right now, I only want my sweet husband back home safely.


Dorothy said...

Hitting my knees as I write. Please let us know how everyone is.

Wow. Personal attention from the adversary, Slap-happy is one important soul-but then again, so is his squeeze.

MrsIrB said...

(looks at the date of the post)

Is he okay? I know how terrifying it is to wait while your loved one is coming home... somehow... and can't reach you.

Scone said...

Thanks, ladies. He is home safely, though our car still isn't. We have a rental and are waiting for a replacement axle. One thing at a time.